Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crisis Pregnancy Agency 2008 report

The publication of the CPA’s annual report for 2008 (Irish Times July 21st) shows a continued decrease in the number of women travelling to Britain for abortions.

Whilst it is good to see the numbers of Irish women seeking abortion in the UK falling this has little to do with the Crisis Pregnancy Agency (CPA) which has consistently portrayed abortion as a positive option and continues to fund agencies that that are affiliated to and financially supported by, international abortion providers, that claim their counselling is non directive but at the same time provide information on foreign abortion clinics.

The drop in the numbers of women seeking abortion is due rather to the excellent and highly professional services of pro-life agencies. Clearly the CPA focus on reducing the number of so called “crisis pregnancies” is not the same as that of agencies that seek to protect the life and health of both mother and baby by giving women comprehensive information, denied to them by pro-abortion agencies, such as the possible physical and mental effects of abortion.

Ever since it was set up in 2001 we have called for the CPA to be wound up and now finally it appears that this will happen, the press conference noted that the agency will cease to exist and its mandate will be subsumed into the Health Services Executive (HSE). It is to be hoped that this change will bring about the badly needed reform of the agency

Rogue Agencies
The CPA also announced a billboard campaign against what they describe as “rogue agencies”. The campaign against agencies not under the umbrella of the CPA was initiated by pro-abortion counselling agencies and supported by the media. Abortion is illegal in Ireland and pro-abortion agencies deplore the success of pro-life agencies that dont provide information on foreign abortion clinics. Whilst it is not surprising that the CPA would support this viewpoint it is particularly disappointing that Irish Health Minister Mary Harney has taken the pro-abortion side.

Philomena Buckley of Neart when asked for her views on the issue said,
“Surely if an agency is assisting in saving the lives of babies by giving mothers to be, proper information and at the same time reducing the demand for abortion this is something the CPA and the Minister should welcome, unless of course there is another agenda".

Who are the real rogue agencies?
• The real rogue agencies are those that are affiliated to, and/or financially
supported by international abortion providers.
• The real rogue agencies are those that do not accept the right to life of innocent unborn children
• The real rogue agencies are those that fail to advise women of the possible physical and mental effects of abortion but nevertheless claim their counselling is non directive.
• The real rogue agencies are those that ignore the wishes of the vast majority of the Irish people and Ireland’s constitutional prohibition on abortion.