Sunday, August 16, 2009

Abortion over swine flu paranoia

This is an incredibly depressing story, showing a level of criminal incompetence on the part of the doctors who performed this abortion. A pregnant woman kissed a child who was later diagnosed with swine flu. She was reassured repeatedly by doctors that there was nothing to worry about but became paranoid that she was going to catch swine flu and die because of her pregnancy (pregnant women being at slightly greater risk of complications from swine flu). She was so petrified that she was going to die that a doctor referred her for a late-term abortion and her baby girl's life was ended.

Both mother and father were devastated as they had been looking forward to having a little girl and the mother has not stopped crying since the abortion.

The woman clearly had a problem if she was so paranoid about getting ill when she was repeatedly told that her risk of contracting the virus was negligable. What she needed was to be referred for specialist help to deal with that problem not to be referred for an abortion that was only ever going to result in the death on an innocent child and the devastation of the mother's life.