Saturday, August 29, 2009

Too much too soon

Family and Youth Concern (UK) is promoting a book called Too Much, Too Soon: The Government’s plans for your child’s sex education by Norman Wells.

To quote from the publicity notice posted by F&YC –

‘Sex education is an ideological battlefield on which a war is being waged for the hearts and minds of children. Behind the innocuous-sounding words used by the sex education lobby, there is a definite agenda at work to undermine the role of parents and to tear down traditional moral standards. The need for parents to be alert and vigilant has never been greater.

‘Too Much, Too Soon sets out to tell parents what they need to know about sex education. It explains the law, identifies the aims of the key players, considers the research evidence, and weighs up the case for making sex education compulsory for all pupils from the age of five. It argues that young people do not need to be presented with a menu of sexual options from which they can make “informed choices”. Rather, the whole issue needs to be approached with honesty, modesty and within a clear moral framework that shows a proper respect for parents and for marriage.’