Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dutch abortion ship grounded

The Dutch woman, Dr Rebecca Gomperts, who has been trying to overcome pro-life laws in various countries throughout the world by providing abortion facilities aboard her floating abortuary, Aurora, has finally come up against some problems. London Independent

To date, she has visited many countries where pro-life laws do not permit abortion, such as Ireland, Malta, Spain (before the law allowing abortion was passed), Portugal (again, before the law prohibiting abortion was changed), etc. Her tactics heretofore were to anchor her abortion ship just outside the territorial waters of pro-life countries and invite women to come aboard.

This year, Gomperts planned to travel to the coasts of Nicaragua, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. However, a new Dutch law will mean that Dr Gomperts and her colleagues could be responsible for the prosecution of women from any country who board the ‘Women on Waves’ ship, or ships, even in international waters.