Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swallowing the Myth

As a postscript to the population myth video I presented a few days ago, here are a few quotes from a recent ‘opinion piece’ in an Irish newspaper: ‘Earlier this month, the UN’s Population Fund (UNFPA) marked World Population Day by stating
“an investment in contraceptive services can be recouped at least four times over by reducing the need for public spending on health, education and other social services”.’

The columnist goes on to tell us that:‘
There are two ways for human numbers to achieve sustainable levels. The first is the laissez faire approach, in which population continues to spiral until nature, via famine, disease and wars, cruelly regulates our numbers. The other route is to support initiatives – including contraception and empowerment for women – to achieve the same result. For humanity to continue on its current path without expecting the severest of consequences is, says [David] Attenborough, a silent lie. “This absurd taboo betrays our children.” …. The UNFPA [also] estimates that family planning alone would reduce maternal deaths by 40 per cent.’

Have I missed something in these contradictory statements or is this simply a case of blind repitition of anti life ideology?