Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Foro Español de la Familia

I have just received this press release from Foro Español de la Familia, giving advance notice of a massive pro-life demonstration to be held in Madrid.
More than 40 associations to organize a pro-life demonstration on the eve of the parliamentary debate on the Abortion Law in Spain Madrid, 1 June 2009.

After the approval of the draft version of the new Abortion Law, more than 40 associations representing over 4 million families held a press conference to announce the organization of a demonstration against the proposed new law. The final details of the demonstration will be made known at the end of the summer, although Saturday October 17 was put forward as a likely date and 5 pm as a time when many people from all over Spain would be able to attend.

The demonstration will begin at Colón Square and end at the emblematic Alcalá Gate, where, in November 2005, more than one and a half million people gathered to demand freedom in Education. At the end of the Press Conference, the President of Fundación Mujer, Familia y Trabajo, Gloria Yuste, read the manifesto which will be read on the day of the demonstration. The manifesto – a defence of Life, Women and Maternity – stresses not only the importance of giving support to pregnant mothers and of providing a voice for the unborn child, but also the role of maternity in Spanish society today.