Friday, August 19, 2011

Access to Catholic Basilica denied to pro-lifers

We reported in July that a group from the ‘Crossroads’ organisation which organises pro-life walks across the US and Canada were also arranging a walk in Ireland this year, The group has just finished a pro-life walk here in Ireland and we will report on it shortly.

The other groups are also reporting on some of the episodes they encountered on their travels.

I saw the following story regarding the Canadian walk on the website recently. Some young people from ‘Crossroads’ were refused entry to the Basilica of Notre Dame de Montréal in that city. The writer says that Our Lady is dishonoured in many ways at this renowned shrine, and he continues: ‘I have seen it myself when I visited there many years ago. I speak of the virtual absence of a dress code. Tourists today pay ten dollars to stroll into the Basilica, often in immodest attire, snapping pictures and chatting about with less restraint than they would if they were in a museum. … But in this case it wasn’t a rowdy group of malfactors who were denied entrance, but a pious group of pro-life pilgrims who visit churches to pray and attend Mass as they march across Canada to protest abortion.’ Having refused to allow the pilgrim group to enter the Basilica by the normal way, the person in charge – who had evidently been forced to seek some method of normalising the situation – ‘then had the gutless temerity to lead the pilgrims to a side entrance into a private chapel where they could pray without being seen.'

And the reason given as to why entry to the Basilica was denied? The young people were wearing T-shirts with the message 'Pro-Vie' (pro-life)