Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Disturbing story on vaccination of children

An extremely disturbing story has come to light recently in relation to vaccinations – and in particular the vaccination of children.   It is reported that in Australia a very concerted effort is being made by the government there to insist that all parents must bring their child/children to a general medical practitioner/doctor for a health assessment.  ‘Compliance with this requirement will determine whether you do or you don’t get the family allowance’, warns a family group in Australia.  ‘Vaccination is a big part of this requirement and it is not impossible that doctors will deem unvaccinated children to be “at risk” with an intervention such as forced vaccination or removal from families for these kids.   Remember, Australia is the home of the Stolen Generation and that happened because one group of people considered themselves to be experts in how children should be raised.  
‘Next year, mental health assessments will be added to the mix – there are questions on here already in that regard but they are not required at this point.  Imagine when they are, the number of children who will be medicated as a result! …
‘It is hard to imagine anything good coming of this move and the downsides could be disastrous for many families.’ 

Should we in Ireland be concerned?   We certainly should be!    Joan Burton, the Irish Minister for Social Protection (!), is reported recently as having announced that consideration could be given in Ireland to linking the withholding of payment of social welfare monies to families that do not have their children vaccinated.   Parents must organise to fight such a suggestion – we must get involved in ensuring that our rights as parents, and the rights of our children, are protected from such dangerous proposals

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