Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Embracing The Cross of Infertility: Booklet

Joseph Meaney of the Human Life International (HLI) Rome office commented on facebook about a booklet and accompanying CD on the "Cross of infertility" by Marie Meaney Ph.D which is now available in Spanish as well as English and will soon be available in German and Hungarian

This booklet (and the corresponding CD) is addressed to those suffering from infertility as well as to their friends and family. It is often difficult for those who have not experienced this cross to understand what others are going through. Therefore, they feel at a loss and may make matters worse by what they say: Vice versa, infertile couples frequently find it hard to verbalize what they are going through and find that their pain is worsened by the comments of those surrounding them. Thus, this booklet tries to describe the experience of infertility and to draw a road map of the temptations and traps that all involved should avoid. What may seem like an unmitigated human disaster can be turned into a fruitful journey that becomes filled with hope, even if the infertility is complete and final. This essay attempts to offer spiritual help and explain the Catholic doctrine on the issues surrounding infertility, leading to deep peace and authentic fulfillment. 

En Espanol aqui: Acepcion de la Cruz de Infertilidad.