Thursday, August 18, 2011

Call for scrapping of UK Equalities and Human Rights Commission

The London Independent newspaper reports that Civitas, the Institute for the Study of Civil Society, has called for the scrapping of the UK’s ‘human rights watchdog’ – the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.  Civitas gives as its reason for such a move the fact that the EHRC contributes very little to meaningful equality, 'costs millions of pounds a year and uses statistics in an illogical way. It also accused the body of taking a "narrow approach to social policy" which is neither reasonable nor useful’.  

The EHRC, however, rejects the proposal and, instead, insists that its job is to ‘start a debate on issues where we could see better outcomes for people suffering unfair disadvantages.’
Perhaps if groups such as today’s EHRC, and government authorities, had heeded the advice and warnings given by Civitas many years ago the events of recent days throughout the UK might not have been quite so horrendous.

Two very relevant publications from Civitas are: 

Those in power who are wringing their hands at the destruction caused by hordes of young people in the UK’s cities and towns would do well to study these publications and hopefully perhaps learn something from them