Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poland's dedication to the protection of unborn life

I came across the following interesting information on the website of   The Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life.  
This is an organisation I have had contact with in the past and was privileged in 2008 to be invited to address this group in 2008 at the Divine Mercy Centre in Krakow see my BLOG post  for that event

Extract from website:

‘The Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life has edited four million copies of pro-life articles in dozens of newspapers and magazines for four years.  The President of the Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life has regular lectures in local radio broadcasting stations concerning these issues.  The Association has organized press conferences, panel discussions, lectures and seminars promoting the respect for human life from the beginning till natural death.  Specialists from different countries have taken part in them.  The Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life has prepared 50,000 posters, informing about the beginning of life, development of a baby before the birth and the pregnancy hygiene.  It has delivered them to hospitals, surgeries and schools.

‘The leaflets, posters and give outs issued by the Association are regularly distributed in the US, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia.  The Association prepared a series of twenty photos of unborn children (starting from the eighth week till the sixth month of pregnancy).   These photos are available to scientific centers and to pro-life organizations both inside and outside of Poland. 
 ‘The Association was involved in the national action connected with the Polish integration with the European Union.  The aim was to ensure the Polish law protecting right to life after the integration with the EU.  Unfortunately, the Polish government was not interested in such a guarantee.’

The final sentence makes for sad, but very credible and familiar reading.