Monday, September 19, 2011

Dana for President?

The saga of the Irish Presidency and the list of contenders continues. Fianna Fail (FF) leader  Michael Martin already has egg on his face from his unsuccessful attempt to woo Gay Byrne to stand on the Fianna Fail ticket.

It is also public knowledge that Dana Rosemary Scallon approached Fianna Fail for support but if reports are to be believed rather than accept Dana, Martin would give Fianna Fail support to David Norris who was forced to quit the race for the park as a result of his support for a convicted paedophile.

Anthony Murphy editor of the Catholic Voice newspaper places this in context on Facebook 

I have been told on very good authority that at the last parliamentary meeting a number of the FF TD's and Senators wanted to nominate Dana Rosemary Scallon - Micheal Martin blocked this saying words to the effect "over my dead body" - now he is pushing for Norris. In other words Martin would rather endorse an advocate of a convicted rapist rather than an advocate of the family and the child. How this party has changed and how Dev must be turning in his grave!
 Perhaps it is high time for Fianna Fail to abandon Martin and seek a new leader