Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Potential Bio-hazard Contaminant found in Merck’s Gardasil™ HPV 4

A new report on Merck's Gardasil HPV vaccine by SANE Vax Inc., which contracted with an independent lab to test gardasil for contamination, found HPV recombinant DNA (rDNA) in 13 vaccine vials.  The Gardasil vials with different lot numbers were from New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Poland, France and three states in the U.S.  100% of the samples tested positive for the presence of the genetically modified HPV DNA. (see link above)

I have blogged on this issue on 10 occasions since August 2008 and appealed to the then health Minister Mary Harney to refrain from making this vaccine available in Ireland. Despite my requests and the requests of many others the vaccine has been made available here.
My first BLOG on the issue was an open letter to Minister Harney setting out the known facts about the vaccine at that time and in which I challenged her decision to roll out the vaccine as follows
"Apart from the serious threat to the life and health of young girls, use of this vaccine raises major moral questions, such as, the apparent condoning of pre-marital sex rather than teaching children the value of chastity. There is also the question of the morality of allowing this vaccine to be marketed and used in Ireland, in the knowledge of the history of adverse reactions associated with it. Moral issues aside, very few properly informed parents would be willing to risk their daughters'lives or health, when the safety of the vaccine is in question."
"I would also suggest Minister that unless this decision is reversed as a matter of urgency it has the potential to become another major national scandal and could open the Irish exchequer to future claims of a substantial nature, given that the information in regard to these adverse reactions is already in the public domain. "
In light of this new information it is vital that every effort must be made again to reverse this appalling decision by contacting the current Health Minister Dr James Reilly.
Contact details for Minister Reilly are as follows 'minister's_office@health.irlgov.ie'