Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Results of teenage sexual encounters

An Irish newspaper proclaims the extraordinary conclusion that ‘Sex too early creates risk of disease and pregnancy’.     Disease and pregnancy – in the same breath?  
The so-called ‘Crisis Pregnancy Programme’ (formerly known as the ‘Crisis Pregnancy Agency’ but now incorporated into the Health Service Executive – well known for its practice of bringing pregnant Irish girls in its ‘care’ to the UK and elsewhere for the purpose of having their unborn babies aborted) has launched an initiative to encourage young people not to engage in sexual practices too early.    
If they are successful with their initiative the CPP people think that they might prevent young people from contracting a sexually transmitted disease – or they might even succeed in preventing a ‘crisis pregnancy’.   The acting director of the CPP is reported as saying that: 

‘Young people who experience first sexual intercourse before 17 years of age are 70 per cent more likely to experience crisis pregnancy in their lifetime, three times more likely to report having a STI and three times more likely to experience abortion.’     

It is doubtful if the CPP would consider promoting chastity amongst young people.
The Irish Minister for Children is reported as saying that it is necessary to ensure that ‘parents, teachers and youth workers are supported in taking an effective role in delivering relationships and sexuality education.’   In its annual report for 2010 the CPP expresses its concern at ‘barriers to the full implementation of the Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) in schools’, and it will soon be publishing a report on a project on ‘the knowledge and attitudes of the Irish population to contraception’.
The CPP is also the agency that promotes contraception, and in its literature it offers abortion as a ‘positive option’ to those who find themselves unintentionally pregnant