Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'End of Life' Issues, Conference: 'Death in Ireland"

On a number of previous occasions I have blogged (most recently on 19 May 2011) about the Forum on End of Life in Ireland.   (The Irish version for this title is given as Bás in Éireann [sic] i.e. ‘Death in Ireland’.    Should we be worried?)

To re-cap - the Forum on End of Life in Ireland has organised ‘Forum 2011’ – with the key theme being ‘Resilience’ – and the event will take place on Wednesday, 12 October next, at Croke Park, Dublin, from 10 am to 4 pm.

The Chair for the day will be Mrs. Justice Catherine McGuiness and the guest speaker will be the Taoiseach, (Irish Prime Minister) Enda Kenny.  
Four workshops will be held during the course of the day, as follows: Carers; Preparing the Public; Spiritual and Psychological Support; The Medicalisation of Dying.

The deadline for registration at the event, which is organised in association with the Irish Times newspaper and the Irish Hospice Foundation, is Monday, 3 October, and details and bookings may be sought at

In the light of recent and ongoing debate about the sacredness of all human life we suggest that attendance at this meeting is something that as many as possible should contemplate.