Monday, September 19, 2011

Maynooth's Masterclass on abortion

The ‘Masterclass’ on abortion (see my blogs for 11 July and 15 August last) went ahead, as scheduled, on Friday, 16 September.    A large number of security persons, together with gardaí (police), gave protection to the organisers, speakers, and participants.     Those from whom all of these people were being protected consisted of an impressive crowd of young and old defenders of the unborn who stood on both sides of the main road that runs past an entrance to the National University of Ireland at Maynooth, Co. Kildare, for about two hours – in the sometimes very heavy rain.   As the organisers refused to allow any of the pro-life people to attend the event, or even to get within any decent proximity of the meeting-room, it was then decided to enter the campus – carrying posters and placards – and circle the building peacefully three times.

It is horrific to realise that despite the many complaints to the organisers – the ‘Department of Adult and Community Education’ at NUI Maynooth, and the ‘Crisis Pregnancy Programme’ of the Health Service Executive of the Irish Department of Health – the ‘Masterclass’ actually took place.   As I mentioned previously, the title of the ‘Masterclass’ was ‘Termination: Dealing with complex issues’.   Only the title was changed, of course (from ‘Termination of pregnancy: A lawful choice’) – the content was not changed.
It is also particularly heart-breaking that such a programme should take place in a University which for many generations prepared young men for the priesthood.
 Another ‘Masterclass’ is scheduled to take place on 4 November – and the title this time is: ‘Supporting minors in crisis pregnancy’.    Now, I wonder what that deals with?   The Health Service Executive is the agency that is well known for bringing pregnant minors to the UK and elsewhere to have their babies killed by abortion.
Applications for attendance at this ‘Masterclass’ should be submitted well in advance of the closing date, 28 October 2011.

The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties have criticised the Irish Government for not rushing forward – yet – to ‘implement’ the recent ruling of the ECHR Court in the A, B and C v Ireland case.  These two pro-abortion groups want the members of the Council of Europe’s committee of ministers who are meeting this week to call on the Irish Government to take prompt action in the matter.

Those who wish to introduce abortion into Ireland are very determined and it is therefore essential that greater attention is given to this blatant attempt to undermine Ireland's respect for the lives of unborn babies.
On another related front I would like to draw your attention once again to my blog of 16 September, where I highlight the necessity of contacting your MEPs in relation to the pro-abortion amendments that are proposed to be inserted in the document ‘Situation of fundamental rights in the European Union’ in the very near future.