Thursday, July 19, 2012

Responding to a deadly agenda

Much has been written about the Family Planning Summit held last week in London  which according to Melinda Gates, resulted in raising $4.6 billion to promote population control worldwide.
Pro-abortion activists who attended the summit published a plan to promote abortion and population control after its conclusion. Former UN Special Rapporteur on Health Paul Hunt, together with Dr. Jane Cottingham and International Women's Health Coalition (IWHC) President Adrienne Germain co-authored a document designed to pressurise third world  nations to promote population control.

Hunt in announcing the initiative told the audience that his presentation would be provocative and he claimed that the old model of human rights which only addressed violation(s) against individuals and offered redress, has given way to a new model for the last ten years in which human rights are used “to shape laws, policies, programmes, and projects in relation to contraceptive information and services.”

The study published by Lancet and partially funded by the Gates Foundation outlines “how human rights can be used (or abused) to identify, reduce and eliminate barriers to accessing contraception…enhance laws and policies; and to identify governments’(so called) "legal obligations" in relation to contraceptives and services.

One response to this deadly agenda, a video entitled "Dear Melinda Gates", is worth viewing