Monday, July 30, 2012

Sinister proposal for regulations to allow abortion in Ireland following Cabinet tensions over proposal to legislate

The Irish Independent today reports  under the banner "FG will resist Labour plans to bring in new abortion law", that growing numbers of Fine Gael ministers and TDs believe there won't be legislation introduced on abortion but that the regime will be regulated instead.

According to the report a failure to legislate would cause divisions within the Coalition as the Labour Party promised to bring in laws to deal with the X case but it goes on to say that because Fine Gael TDs have threatened to vote against any abortion legislation -- in line with a pre-election promise by their party -- ministers and backbenchers alike now believe the abortion regime will be dealt with by way of regulations setting out in what circumstances abortions are allowed.

This latest proposal must be firmly rejected. 
If the Government believe that this is a political solution that will allow them to wash their hands of the problem without appearing to take a stance they must once again be reminded of those pre-election promises they made and that the people of Ireland are not interested in the semantics but the result. Any attempt to introduce abortion in Ireland either by legislation or regulation will be firmly resisted by the people of Ireland and the Government parties will suffer for it in future elections.

We ask readers once again to contact Taoiseach Enda Kenny and firmly reject proposals either to legislate or regulate for any level of abortion in Ireland.

Please CALL: Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, TODAY, asking him to reject proposals to either legislate or regulate for abortion in Ireland and to uphold our ban on abortion. Call him on (01) 6764048 or (094) 9025600
Also CALL Health Minister, James Reilly, TODAY, Call him on (01) 6711026 or  (01) 8901300
MAKE URGENT CONTACT with your local TDs.