Thursday, July 11, 2013

All night debate on Ireland's pro-abortion legislation failed to dispose of all amendments

In an unusual twist Dail Eireann decided to continue debate the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill all night and extended its Wednesday sitting until 5am on Thursday morning. This decision was forced on the Dail by the Government despite objections by opposition parties and in the event the debate on this anti life bill did not conclude by the 5am deadline.

Two votes were taken on amendments but since all of the proposed amendments have not been disposed the debate adjourned at 4.57am and will resume at 6pm this evening.
The Dáil has now disposed of the first 10 of the 165 proposed amendments.
While the amendments were debated in themed groups, they are voted on in numerical order.

During the debate Independent TD Mattie McGrath told the House two provisions in the bill cannot be put before the house, constitutionally and it is expected that in due course more will be heard about this assertion.

In the only votes taken so far, Minister Lucinda Creighton who spoke strongly against the suicide provisions within the bill during the debate and is ultimately expected to vote against the legislation actually voted with the Government. we will report more fully on her intervention later.
The first amendment tabled by Minister Creighton is number 22, which was not reached by the 5am adjournment deadline.