Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Senator Jim Walsh criticized by pro-abortion legislation politicians, for telling it as it is.

Irish Health Minister, Dr James Reilly rejected an intervention by Fianna Fail Senator Jim Walsh who claimed that his abortion bill would cause pain to unborn babies and was tantamount to torturing an unborn baby to death.

Dr Reilly also criticised Senator Walsh for his graphic descriptions of abortion techniques which he claimed were not being used in Irish hospitals and would not be used.

"I find it regrettable that Senator Walsh has engaged in dramatic – and what some people would describe as offensive and upsetting – descriptions of procedures which do not take place in this country and will not be taking place in this country," he said.

Despite the fact that Senator Walsh had also been criticised by his own party leader Micheal Martin for giving graphic descriptions of abortion techniques during the Seanad debate on the abortion bill last week, he was unrepentant

"I have no intention of sanitising my language on any stage of the debate so as to facilitate the passage of horrific practices into law," he said.

Senator Walsh was supported in his stance by his Fianna Fail colleague Senator Marc MacSharry and Independent Senator Ronan Mullen, who pointed out that the Seanad debate was not "children's television".
Dr Reilly also clashed with Senator Ronan Mullen who said the legislation showed ta profound disrespect for life, “I utterly reject that," he said.