Thursday, July 4, 2013

Powerful statement by Archbishop Eamon Martin on EWTN

The video and text of Archbishop Eamon Martin's message 'Ireland Choose Life':

Two months ago I was ordained Archbishop here at St. Patrick's in Armagh.  And I begin my ministry at a defining moment for Ireland because the Government is proposing abortion legislation that will radically change the culture of medical practice here.  They're calling it: ‘The Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill’. Imagine giving that name to a bill which permits the deliberate and intentional killing of unborn children. Imagine legalising abortion as an appropriate response to women who feel suicidal during pregnancy. Under the bill, viable unborn children will be subjected to all the risks of premature delivery and then placed in state care. The legislation even opens up the horrific possibility of the destruction of a child right up to the moment of birth!  People are being misled by repeated statements that the government has no other options, and that our doctors and nurses somehow need this legislation in order to save mother’s lives.  Mothers in crisis do not need abortion. They need our love, our support and all the professional care we can give them. Jesus said:  "Whatever you did to one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did it to me." The fate of Ireland's most vulnerable little ones hangs in the balance.  I invite you to join the many Irish people who are praying and fasting that our legislators will in conscience vote against this bill. Please pray that God in his mercy will bring our nation back from the brink. Pray that Ireland will choose life. God Bless you.