Monday, March 22, 2010

Dr Nitsche in Ireland

The following account will bring my readers up-to-date on the continuing saga about the Australian promoter of ‘assisted suicide’ who came to Ireland for the purpose of ‘informing’ Irish people how to take their own lives.

Having been barred from four different venues – as a result of lobbying on the part of pro-life people against the holding of his ‘event’ in Dublin – Dr Nitschke finally succeeded in finding space in a small centre that describes itself as an ‘autonomous social centre’ run by a ‘non-hierarchical, anti-capitalist collective on a not-for-profit basis’ in central Dublin. The meeting is reported as having taken place there on 19 March, with about forty people and a good sprinkling of journalists present. The average age of those who came along was evidently about 60 years, and Dr. Nitschke announced that he plans to return to Ireland in the near future to carry out further ‘work-shops’ on how to commit suicide, or to ‘help’ others to do so.

Sadly Dr Nitschke was also given an opportunity to air his anti life views by RTE the Irish TV Station.

It is no harm to remember that 18 March marked the fifth anniversary of the death of Terri Schiavo, R.I.P., through dehydration and starvation – brought about by the ‘legal’ strategies of her husband.