Friday, March 12, 2010

UK, Children, Schools and Families Bill

Grave concern is being expressed by many groups about the Children, Schools and Families Bill that is going through the British Parliament at the moment. If the Bill becomes law, it will mean that children from primary school age will be taught explicit and immoral sex education, including information on access to abortion.

You will find plenty of information on all aspects of this shocking Bill on and Readers in the UK are particularly urged to contact and lobby their MPs about the Bill, pointing out the harm that will be done to children, and society as a whole, if this Bill proceeds any further in the legislative process.

The Good Counsel Network (UK) is asking for a special Extra National Day of Prayer and Fasting on Monday, 15 March next the purpose of which is for the defeat of this immoral bill.

The Good Counsel Network can be contacted on [UK] 020 7723 1740
We would point out, too, that it is not only the United Kingdom that will be affected by the Bill – if it should be passed into law – but other countries, everywhere, can be, and are being, easily infected by a similar type of indoctrination and abuse of children.