Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Euthanasia workshop to go ahead after all

We understand that the Euthanasia workshop on which we previously BLOGGED has not been cancelled after all. Truth TV report that he organisers have found a new venue willing to host the event and that the pro-euthanasia workshop will proceed after all.

NOTE since posting this BLOG we have learned that Buswell's Hotel management have cancelled the booking but that the organisers of the workshop are still actively seeking another alternative venue

we reprint below the Truth TV urgent post and would ask readers to contact the Buswells Hotel management asking for the cancellation of the event and to contact the Gardai as euthanasia and assisted suicide is illegal in Ireland

This is an urgent update in regard to the ‘DIY-Euthanasia Workshop’ which, we have now confirmed, will go ahead in a new venue, Buswells Hotel in Dublin, this Friday, March 19th.

See below for our previous report on this sick ‘workshop’, which is seriously objectionable on many levels. The ‘workshop’ explains to sick and elderly people how to commit suicide by taking a lethal dose of a veterinary medicine, Nembutal, which is unapproved in Ireland.

Please make your voice heard. Last week this ‘workshop’ was cancelled from a venue in Capel Street following an alert by the Life Institute. We’re now asking everyone to call Buswells Hotel on 01 6146500 and respectfully ask the manager, Paul Gallagher, to withdraw the venue for this disturbing and illegal workshop.

Assisted suicide is illegal in Ireland and we have also contacted the Garda Superintendent in the area on the matter. We’ll keep you informed.