Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nitsche euthanasia lecture cancelled

It was announced in the media recently that Dr Philip Nitschke was to hold a ‘DIT Euthanasia workshop’ in Dublin on 19 March next. An Australian, Dr Nitschke is a well-known campaigner for euthanasia, and he heads up an organisation called ‘Exit International’ which assists people to commit suicide. The ‘event’ was advertised as taking place at a Health Board Executive (HSE)-funded venue in central Dublin – and, as well as the fact that the HSE was facilitating such a gathering, the HSE, in so doing, was also using tax-payers’ money to promote euthanasia.

Many organizations wrote to the HSE, to the Chief Executive of the HSE, and to the Irish Medicines Board about the proposed event, and voiced their objections to its taking place. We are glad to report that, following the representations from the various organizations, the so-called ‘workshop’ will not now be held at the planned venue. The situation, however, will be closely monitored.

Niamh Uí Bhriain, of the Life Institute one of the organizations that raised objections to Dr Nitsche's visit, said:
‘This objectionable “workshop” comes at a time when there is a huge push by pro-euthanasia activists worldwide to introduce the legal killing of the elderly, the sick and the vulnerable. Philip Nitschke is a most controversial figure, and he stands accused of exploiting people with mental illness who commit suicide under his guidance when what they need is professional help and understanding. This workshop is illegal, deeply disturbing. We’re currently investigating the new venue proposed for the workshop.’

Readers will recall a similar event – in which the HSE was also involved – that nearly took place in Cork early last year, when Professor Len Doyal was ready to promote euthanasia in Ireland. See my blogs for 29 March 2009, 13 April 2009

This is a sinister development and the fact that this is now the second time such an event has been arranged is causing significant concern. The question of why the HSE persists in arranging such anti life lectures must therefore be asked, and straight answers must be given to this question.