Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thomas More Institute Meetings

The Thomas More Institute has given notice on its website about two very interesting meetings that are planned to take place shortly. They are as follows:

29 March 2010 – Symposium on ‘Life and Death Matters: Disability Rights and Incapacity’. This Symposium will be held at the London Metropolitan University, 16 Goulston Street, London E1 7TP.

The Institute tells us that:
‘In the context of an increasing ageing population, limited financial resources, an ongoing need for organs and research subjects, there are continuing calls for the legalisation of physician assisted suicide. This symposium will consider issues in end-of-life care, both proposals for active euthanasia and non-treatment decisions particularly where the patient is no longer competent. It will do so bearing in mind the plethora of financial, medical and research interests that there are in the human body, the costs of healthcare as well as the psychological, moral, and social implications of current and proposed law. Of special interest are the implications of such law on healthcare professionals, patient trust, forensics, disability rights and attitudes of care and protection of the vulnerable.
‘This symposium aims to promote a critical evaluation of healthcare provision for the elderly and incapacitated, thereby creating a forum for a wide range of interested parties, including lawyers, patient advocacy groups, policy makers, students, the disabled and health care professionals.’

Further details from Dr Jacqueline Laing at
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The second meeting – seminar on ‘Pain, Suffering and “Loss of Dignity”: Valid Reasons for Killing?’ – is announced for 28 April 2010, at the Thomas More Institute, 18b Netherhall Gardens, London NW3 5 TH

The speaker at the seminar will be Dr Michael Platt, Senior Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Pain Medicine and Anaesthetics at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (UK). He practises in the area of pain medicine and palliative care, with a special interest in medical ethics and education.

Further information is available from Dr Andrew Hegarty