Monday, March 15, 2010

My life is in your hands

Fr Finigan, in his blog for 9 March 2010, brings to our attention the fact that the Spanish Conference of Bishops has launched a new campaign against the liberalisation of abortion (see my blog for 6 March 2010 about King Juan Carlos having signed a new law, which allows for a wide-ranging provision of abortion in Spain). Part of the Bishops’ campaign – which will culminate in a ‘Day for Life’ – is the provision of 13,000 billboards that will be erected in seventeen cities throughout Spain.

The billboards carry a photograph of a baby, supported on the hands of two people, and the message is: ‘Es mi vida! Esta en tus manos. Jornada por la vida, 25 Marzo’. In translation, this says: ‘My life is in your hands. Day for Life, 25 March’.

I know that many Bishops’ Conference around the world are doing great work to bring the pro-life message to their people, but wouldn’t it be just wonderful if every Bishops’ Conference were to follow the lead and example of the Spanish Bishops!