Friday, January 9, 2009

Abortion Lobby ducks the issue - again

IPAS has taken up the issue of sex selective abortion, a practice that has killed at least 100 million baby girls... and decided that it is all somebody else's fault. IPAS may have a point that cultural preference for boys is a major cause of sex selective abortion but I would argue that it is misleading to suggest that it is the root cause. A culture may have a preference for boys but this will only develop into widespread gendercide if abortion is accessible and widely accepted.

As usual, the abortion lobby is missing the very large elephant in the room, namely that abortionists are colluding with an unjust prejudice against women that is causing the deaths of millions - all in the name of women's rights. A cultural preference for boys may push a woman into the abortion facility, but abortion providers welcome them with open arms and are wholly and entirely responsible for carrying out the act of killing.

Ipas's criticism of media campaigns against sex selective abortion for using "loaded words that personify the fetus" touches upon another sore point the abortion lobby would like to ignore; that any discussion on abortion inevitably draws attention to the personhood of the unborn child. The pro-life lobby does not create those "well-formed fetuses left in wells, lakes or drains", they are a stark reminder to the world that the abortion lobby is involved in the killing of the most innocent. In the end, no eloquent self-justification on the part of an abortionist makes a dead body bearable to look at or excuses their hypocrisy in killing baby girls under the guise of women's advancement.