Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spanish Disability Rights Group Speaks Out

Catholic News Agency reports that Luis Cayo, president of the Spanish Commission of Representatives of Handicapped Persons, has spoken out against the law that permits abortion in cases of disability. He said that eugenic abortion was “immoral”, based on the premise that “persons with handicaps have less value.”

Alison Davis of No Less Human has fought for many years against the fatal discrimination of eugenic abortion. She has spina bifida and a number of other serious disabilities, she has to cope with pain that is not always well-controlled and speaks publicly about how, for ten years, she wanted to end her life and made a number of suicide attempts. One of the aims of No Less Human is 'To challenge the contemporary philosophy that disabled people are "better off dead".'

This is all too necessary in a culture where the majority support the killing of disabled babies before birth and where there is growing pressure to legalise euthanasia of disabled and terminally ill people.