Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obnoxious Propaganda from the BBC

Bashing Secularism carries the story of a BBC detective drama that portrays pro-life campaigners as violent extremists who kidnap and murder young children. The plot involves two children from different women who have a history of abortion, being abducted by a pro-life group who want a film depicting abortion to be broadcast on national television. When the deadline passes, one of the children is murdered by lethal injection.

I wonder if the BBC would care to explain why telling such hate-ridden lies about pro-life campaigners does not constitute a hate crime? Besides the insult and injustice of such a portrayal, promoting the false suggestion to millions of viewers that pro-lifers are violent and dangerous leaves pro-life campaigners at increased risk of violent attack themselves. Stigmatising and inciting hatred against any group leaves them vulnerable to attack by people who are genuinely led to believe that they are a threat to society. A group like the Christian Institute should consider calling those responsible at the BBC to account in a court of law.