Friday, January 23, 2009

Paris March for Life

The annual European March for life will take place in Paris on Sunday next 25th January. During the last five years, the Paris March for Life has become the largest annual pro-life gathering in Europe. Every year, it attracts more delegations from other European countries: Italy, Spain, Belgium, the UK, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Ireland among others. It began in 2005 when French pro-life organizations came together to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 1975 French law legalizing abortion, under the slogan “30 years is enough!” The march is non-denominational and non-partisan. It brings together catholic, protestant, evangelical and secular organizations on a common platform in the defence of every human life.

Opponents of the right to life are actively working to extend the availability of abortion in Europe. In April 2008, the Council of Europe approved a resolution attacking pro-life laws in European countries; - A powerful campaign is underway by the pro-abortion lobbies to demand a European Commission directive to make abortion a human right as evidenced by the recent vote in the European Parliament.

The March for Life is arranged to demonstrate opposition to such a downward spiral in European legislation and to advocate:

* That Europe, should respect the life of every human being, from conception to natural death
* That abortion be abolished in all 27 countries of the EU and Council of Europe
* That pro-life/pro-family public policies be enacted to help women in crisis pregnancies

The 2009 rally will have a decidedly European theme – notably because of the elections to the European Parliament scheduled next June. But more broadly, because Europe is standing at a crossroads : - Will she remain true to her values of Justice and Equality, by protecting unborn life – as do Ireland, Malta and Poland? Or will she reject the right to life of the unborn in favour of a spurious anti life agenda?

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