Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Death by Indifference

The Telegraph reports on a damning study released by the disability charity Mencap, which exposes the horrific deaths of six people with learning difficulties in NHS hospitals. One such man, was Martin Ryan, a 43-year-old with Down's Syndrome who was left unable to swallow after a stroke and died of starvation, in terrible agony, because of a 'breakdown in communications.'

Another, Emma Kemp, aged 26, was denied life-saving cancer treatment. The father of one of the people whose deaths were investigated in the Mencap report said: "People like my son are treated as less than human."

According to the report, these six cases were not 'isolated incidents', proving what pro-life campaigners in the UK have known for years - that vulnerable people are being allowed to die through indifference and wilful neglect in British hospitals because disabled and incapacitated people are not valued by society. This goes beyond simple breakdowns in communication. It exposes the eugenicist mentality towards human life that has been taking hold in Britain for decades and is now coming home to roost.