Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ending Anti-Woman Sex Education

Britain's Opposition Party, the Conservatives, appear to have finally woken up to some of the dangers to women inherent in current sex education policies. Their new strategy 'Ending Violence Against Women' apparently includes teaching children about the concept of consent as part of sex education classes. After decades of teaching that sex is 'all about me', some one may just possibly have got the message that young people need to be taught that sex is about more than self-satisfaction.

What nobody is prepared to admit, however, is that the bill for the so-called 'sexual liberation' of the 60s is being paid by women. Under the guise of empowering women to enjoy their sexuality, the twisted ideology of laissez-faire, value-free sex has contributed to violence and abuse towards women by turning women into sex objects for male satisfaction. It will not be enough to teach children about consent, though it is a small step forward. The whole ideology of sexuality that is taught in schools and promoted through the media has got to change dramatically before women can begin to be treated with the respect and dignity to which they are entitled.