Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Citizens' Assembly: Shut it down now

It is with sadness that I watch the ongoing farce known as the Citizens' Assembly and I have to ask myself how is it that the killing of babies can even be contemplated let alone presented as an acceptable option by some members of our society? 

Everyone knows that certain members of the Irish Government are committed to changing the law but they are also keenly aware that a direct decision to do so would have a disastrous effect on their chances of re-election, hence the creation of the talking shop known as the Citizens Assembly to ‘investigate’ the issues.  The obvious purpose of this is to create the pretence that they are acting on the advice of the Assembly and are at arms length from the issue allowing them to  claim that a new referendum is the will of the people. 
It stands to reason that the Irish Government would not have appointed such a body if they really believed that the killing of babies is unacceptable and were intent on upholding the 8th Amendment.
To date the strategic direction of the Citizens’ Assembly appears to the onlooker as being substantially pro-abortion with an occasional nod towards the pro-life view.
The Assembly secretariat appear to have completely ignored the fact that the current law upholds the right to life of the unborn which has resulted in the development of a caring, 2 patient model for pregnancy and childbirth. It also ignores the achievements of the 8th amendment which include at least 100,000 additional citizens.

We have to ask how is it considered acceptable to introduce people who make their living from the killing of babies to take part of our national debate?
Patricia Lohr of BPAS for example, who infamously told a London audience last September that killing children by abortion is “extremely gratifying”, gave an address to the Assembly during its 3rd session.   
This lady also published a paper on Feticide[1] in which she chillingly tells us:
From a medical perspective, this term refers to modalities to induce fetal demise (1). Feticide is most commonly used for selective termination of higher order gestations to twins or singletons. It is also used by some providers before medical and surgical abortion in the second and third trimesters to avoid signs of life at induction or in the belief that it makes the procedure easier and safer. Several methods have been described including intra-cardiac injection of potassium chloride, intra-amniotic injection of digoxin, and transection of the umbilical cord (2). Older methods of medical abortion employed instillation of hyperosmolar solutions such as urea, which also variably induced fetal demise.  

The Assembly was also addressed by a representative of the Guttmacher Institute – the research wing of Planned Parenthood which is the largest abortion provider in the United States and throughout the world.

In recent decades we have witnessed a drift away from the understanding of natural law which includes the prohibition on killing as set out in the 5th Commandment to positive law which seeks to identify and implement all sorts of trumped up individual rights, in the name of liberty, regardless of the consequences of this approach. The twisted thinking of the liberal left which denies the humanity of unborn babies is rooted in Marxist ideology.

Shut down this unsatisfactory Assembly now.