Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Poems from WHY an Anthology of Pro-Life Verse


How silent the Lamb in his tomb,
How silent the Lamb who was slain.

How silent the lambs in the womb,
How silent the lambs who are slain.

How silent the tombs where they’re lain,
How silent the holocaust,

Like the Lamb who was slain arose
The lambs in their turn will arise

Like the Lamb who was slain forgave
The lambs in their turn will forgive

Patrick Buckley  ©

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

WHY: Anthology of Pro-Life Verse

Patrick Buckley in 1997 published a small anthology of pro-life verse.
This collection of pro-life poems explores different aspects of the greatest evil of our time, the killing of unborn babies.

The Irish Government are determined to remove the constitutional protection of unborn life in Ireland and have decided that there will be a Referendum at the end of May 2018 to do so.

Publication of poems from this collection and is intended to highlight the tragedy of the Government approach and inform anyone willing to listen and to understand.

The collection includes 17 poems which will be reprinted here over the next few weeks as we approach the date of the Referendum.


Will you be my voice,
O Voice of Voices.
Will you defend me, 
      And speak against false choices

Will you shut your ears,
And block out all my pleading.
Be my voice, speak,
Speak now o voice,
And influence that choice.

Patrick Buckley ©