Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The Donegal Daily reports that a motion has been passed by Donegal County Council opposing any form of legislation on abortion .
 The wording of the approved motion is as follows;

“In keeping with the will of the Irish people, as emphatically expressed in the referendum of 1983, Donegal County Council opposes any form of legalisation of abortion in any circumstances”
The majority of county councillors backed the motion which was brought forward by Cllr Renagh Donaghey from Buncrana.
Seventeen councillors backed the motion, six abstained and one voted against.
The move has been welcomed by Cathal Quinn, spokesperson for Donegal For Life and by all pro-life organisations.

It is good to see that Donegal Co Council are not only conscious of the real and substantial threat to the unborn that currently exists in Ireland but that they are willing to make their views known through this important resolution.
It would be good to see other County Councils following their lead in prioritising the lives of the most vulnerable in our society, unborn babies, whilst also recognising that Ireland without abortion has the lowest level of maternal mortality making it the safest place in the world for mothers to give birth.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sinister proposal for regulations to allow abortion in Ireland following Cabinet tensions over proposal to legislate

The Irish Independent today reports  under the banner "FG will resist Labour plans to bring in new abortion law", that growing numbers of Fine Gael ministers and TDs believe there won't be legislation introduced on abortion but that the regime will be regulated instead.

According to the report a failure to legislate would cause divisions within the Coalition as the Labour Party promised to bring in laws to deal with the X case but it goes on to say that because Fine Gael TDs have threatened to vote against any abortion legislation -- in line with a pre-election promise by their party -- ministers and backbenchers alike now believe the abortion regime will be dealt with by way of regulations setting out in what circumstances abortions are allowed.

This latest proposal must be firmly rejected. 
If the Government believe that this is a political solution that will allow them to wash their hands of the problem without appearing to take a stance they must once again be reminded of those pre-election promises they made and that the people of Ireland are not interested in the semantics but the result. Any attempt to introduce abortion in Ireland either by legislation or regulation will be firmly resisted by the people of Ireland and the Government parties will suffer for it in future elections.

We ask readers once again to contact Taoiseach Enda Kenny and firmly reject proposals either to legislate or regulate for any level of abortion in Ireland.

Please CALL: Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, TODAY, asking him to reject proposals to either legislate or regulate for abortion in Ireland and to uphold our ban on abortion. Call him on (01) 6764048 or (094) 9025600
Also CALL Health Minister, James Reilly, TODAY, Call him on (01) 6711026 or  (01) 8901300
MAKE URGENT CONTACT with your local TDs.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pro-Lifers in Ireland dismayed by the appointment of Mr Tony O'Brien former Chief Executive of the Irish Family Planning Association to head the Health Services Executive (HSE)

Pro-Lifers in Ireland are deeply dismayed by the appointment of the former Chief Executive of the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) as Director General of Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE). The IFPA is an affiliate of International Planned Parenthood Federation IPPF one of the largest abortion providers in the world. see Irish Times report

Ireland's Minister for Health James Reilly today appointed Mr Tony O’Brien as the new Director General of the Health Service Executive (HSE).  Mr O'Brien was previously the Chief Executive of the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) and is a well-known campaigner for the legalization of abortion in Ireland.

The Minister in recent weeks has been acting contrary to the pro-life commitments made by his party at the last election. This became evident during the reading of the recently defeated private members bill tabled by Clare Daly when the Minister made it clear that he was in favour of legislation for abortion

The political message being sent by Minister Reilly in appointing someone as Director General of the HSE who has spent most of his career campaigning for abortion on demand in Ireland is unmistakable.

Pro lifers are equally concerned about the setting up of the Expert Group process to report to Government on options for complying with the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the A, B and C case and which has been undermined recently by statements from both Minister Reilly and Minister of State Kathleen Lynch which attempt to pre-empt its findings.

We appeal to Taoiseach Enda Kenny to intervene and overrule this appointment and to honour the pro-life committments made by his party at the last election

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spanish Government to end eugenic abortion

LifeSiteNews.com July 25th reported the announcement by Spain’s justice minister, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, that upcoming legislation reform of the country’s laws governing abortions will eliminate fetal deformity as a basis for killing the unborn.

The article continues;
The legislation, which would eliminate abortion-on-demand during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy as established by the previous administration, would return to a “law of conditions,” under which abortion would not be penalized in certain specified cases, Ruiz-Gallardón told the Spanish publication La Razón.

However, Spain would not renew the old law in its entirety, said the justice minister, “because experience shows us that some of these aspects must be revised.” Asked which ones, he responded: “I anticipate one. I do not understand why the unborn are unprotected, permitting them to be aborted, because of the fact that they have some kind of handicap or deformity.”

“It seems to me to be ethically inconceivable we have lived so long with this legislation, and I think that the same level of protection that is given to an unborn child without any type of handicap or deformity should be given to those that are verified as lacking some of the abilities that other unborn children have,” added Ruiz-Gallardón.

The minister, who has been criticized for not acting to fulfill the People’s Party campaign promise to reform the abortion law, said that he anticipated introducing a bill on the matter by the end of the year.

According to statistics published by La Razon, 90% of handicapped or deformed children in Spain are killed in their mothers’ wombs,  a total of over 16,000 over the last five years.

The full LifeSiteNews.com report can be found on this link
Spain’s pro-abortion laws which were expanded during the Zapatero era in government to include access to abortion for girls as young as 16 without any parental knowledge or veto and which also outlawed conscientious objection, must be reversed as soon as possible.

Whilst the current proposals are a step in the right direction it would be even better if Ruiz-Gallardón’ would go further and overturn not only the Zapatero legislation but would legislate to protect the fundamental right to life of the unborn, through all stages of pregnancy, from the moment of conception onwards.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Woman dies after abortion at Chicago Planned Parenthood abortuary

Christian Newswire reported July 22nd. that  a 24-year old woman died Friday, July 20, 2012, after receiving an abortion from a Planned Parenthood clinic located at 18 S. Michigan Ave. in Chicago, Illinois.

The woman according to the report was transported from the Loop Health Center Planned Parenthood abortion clinic to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 11:20 P.M.

The report continues
An autopsy conducted Saturday determined that she died from hemorrhage following a Dilation and Evacuation abortion. The D&E abortion method is one employed in pregnancies that have advanced beyond the first trimester. In involves opening the cervix and removing the pre-born baby by dismembering him or her. The Loop Health Center Planned Parenthood advertizes abortions up to 18 weeks.

"Abortion deaths like this are completely avoidable. When a woman bleeds to death after an abortion, it is usually an indication of error on the part of the abortionist coupled with a delay in calling for emergency assistance. Planned Parenthood should be held accountable," said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. "Our heartfelt prayers go out to the victim's family at this time of tragic loss."

This incident follows a report published in the Chicago Tribune in June, 2011, that took to task abortionists in Illinois for failing to report abortion complications and exposed the fact that some abortionists did not report complications at all, in violation of the law. At that time, Illinois officials made no attempt to enforce abortion laws in that state.

While the name of the abortionist responsible for this patient death is currently unknown, Planned Parenthood's most recent 990 Tax Forms list abortionist Caroline M. Hoke as its Medical Director.

The abortion death took place in Obama's adopted hometown of Chicago at a time when his administration is working hard to provide funding to Planned Parenthood through the federalized health care system.

"In light of this tragedy, which is yet another in a long list of Planned Parenthood abuses, we call on President Obama to immediately withdraw all Federal funding and personal support from Planned Parenthood," said Newman. "Friday's death is yet another reason why men and women of conscience across this nation cannot and will not comply with the forced funding of abortion and its intentional violation of religious liberties."
Those who campaign for abortion do so on a number of grounds, but one of their catchphrases is that it should be "safe, legal and rare". Of course it is never safe for the unfortunate baby and is frequently, as in this case, unsafe for women. This is a prime example of a legal abortion ending in a double tragedy, the death of the mother in addition to the intended  death of the baby. So much for "safe and legal". 
Quite apart from "safe legal abortion" causing actual death there are many cases of women having serious injuries some of which cause permanent disability.
This is a topic I shall return to

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tensions in Irish Cabinet over the abortion issue

According to a report in the Independent Monday July 23rd, following a week of disquiet in both the Labour and Fine Gael parties, Fine Gael chairman Charles Flanagan has warned that the Government runs the risk of making the same mistake as Garret FitzGerald's administration in the Eighties, which became "bogged down in a liberal crusade during a time of high unemployment and economic difficulties".
According to the report;
Mr Flanagan warned that such a focus gave rise to division, strife and loss of focus within that Government, resulting in "ultimate defeat", and added "the parallels between last week and the Eighties, or the errors of the Greens in the last government, are not going un-noticed".

Any enthusiasm within the Cabinet for wide-scale liberalisation of the abortion laws is likely to be eroded by growing concerns within both parties over the issue.

Such is the depth of feeling on abortion, the Sunday Independent has learnt that the Government will face a large-scale, cross-party revolt of Fine Gael and Labour TDs and senators should they attempt to liberalise Ireland's abortion regime via the legislative route.

So far, attention has focused on dissent within Fine Gael, when, after a heated party meeting on the issue last week, it emerged that 15 TDs were opposed to any form of legislation.

Two Fine Gael TDs, Simon Harris from Wicklow and James Bannon from Longford-Westmeath, said they would vote against any such law in the Dail.

However, opposition to any form of legislation that liberalises abortion laws is far more widespread, and far more than two TDs will resign the Fine Gael whip if the Cabinet attempts to drive through legislation against their will.

A growing number of Labour TDs and senators are also signalling their discontent over this sensitive matter.

Such is the scale of concern within Fine Gael and Labour, the Government would struggle to secure majority support within both coalition parties for any such measure.

Health Minister James Reilly was forced into what was described as "an unprecedented U-turn" at the Fine Gael parliamentary party meeting last week.

Simon Harris Soapbox page 32

The reverse occurred when Dr Reilly was challenged by Fine Gael TD John Deasy over his plans in this area.

One gleeful source told the Sunday Independent that "Reilly was blustering about how the expert review group would report to Cabinet, which would then take a decision, and Deasy said 'no you won't, you'll refer it to us first before it goes to Cabinet'. Reilly foostered for a second and agreed. He was stunned".

Another source noted "Reilly didn't know what he was at. It was very robust, to the extent if there had been a full turn-out he would have been run out of the room".

In spite of Mr Kenny's own conservative views on the matter, the mini-revolt has sparked renewed concerns among party leadership about "plots".

One source told the Sunday Independent: "The Taoiseach's handlers are very paranoid. The usual suspects were on the phones, quelling dissent and warning people."

Dissent has also been growing in Labour over what was described as "the excessive influence of a pro-choice wing led by a Dublin elite".

This most recently surfaced when three Labour representatives, Ivana Bacik, Alex White and Ciara Conway, looked for signatures to a letter to Dr Reilly calling for action on legislating for abortion in certain scenarios.

A senior Labour figure last week noted that when it came to the seeking of signatures, "that letter did not travel beyond the Pale".

It is believed the concerns are centred on a claim by Ms Bacik and a certain wing of the party that Labour is "pro-choice".

This perception has created a desire within significant numbers of TDs and senators for "Fine Gael to recognise we share their apprehensions on this matter".

They added that "the attitudes of a Dublin liberal elite are not representative of the complex and diverse stance on this issue that is contained within the Labour Party".

The Sunday Independent was also told that should Mr Gilmore attempt to enforce a liberal stance, "it will take a fair man to bring us all to heel on a matter involving our personal consciences".

Chillingly, for Mr Gilmore, they added "like FG, quite a few of us are prepared to lose the whip on this one".

In Fine Gael, meanwhile, a different letter has been circulating in the wake of claims by a number of TDs that they received "letters of comfort" prior to the last general election from the current Environment Minister Phil Hogan.

In a letter seen by the Sunday Independent, the minister, writing as the party's Director of Elections, confirms that Fine Gael is opposed to the legalisation of abortion and opposed to research conducted on human embryos.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin remains to be convinced that the Oireachtas should legislate for abortion in Ireland

The Irish Examiner reports Monday July 23rd that Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin "remains to be convinced" that the Oireachtas should legislate for the X case on abortion despite what the article disingenuously describes as a 20-year failure to do so.

The report continues that Martin fears such legislation could allow for abortion in more that widespread circumstances than envisaged by the 1992 Supreme Court judgment.

In an interview with the Irish Examiner, Mr Martin said that legislation could create "an open-door situation" that would turn out to be "very difficult to hold back".

His comments came as a Labour junior minister Kathleen Lynch predicted the Government would ultimately have to legislate.

"Clearly, there will be differences [of opinion] but, in terms of legislation, in this particular instance, we won’t have a choice," Ms Lynch told RTÉ Radio.

Tánaiste and Labour leader Eamon Gilmore refused to speculate, but played down suggestions the matter could destabilise the Coalition amid divisions in Fine Gael on the issue.

In the X case judgment, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was permissible in Ireland in cases where the mother’s life was at risk. This included the risk of suicide.

But successive governments, including those in which Mr Martin served, failed to introduce legislation to clarify the instances where a mother’s life was deemed to be at risk.

The Government is under pressure to introduce such clarifying legislation following a separate judgment by the European Court of Human Rights in 2010.

That court found that a woman’s rights had been breached because of Ireland’s failure to provide a regulatory or legislative procedure by which she could establish whether she qualified for a lawful abortion in this country.

In keeping with a commitment in the Programme for Government, the Coalition has referred the matter to an expert group, which will report in the autumn with options on how to deal with the EU judgment.

Health Minister Dr James Reilly vowed earlier this year that the Government would act following receipt of the report. But a number of Fine Gael TDs oppose any move to legislate, and raised the issue recently with Dr Reilly at a tense party meeting.

Mr Martin said Fianna Fáil’s previously stated commitment to maintain Ireland’s ban on abortion "hasn’t changed" and "is not going to change".

He said that while he would wait to see the expert group’s report, "the right to life is something we believe in as a political party".

Asked if Dr Reilly should legislate for the X case, Mr Martin replied: "I’m not so sure that he should."

He referred to the 2002 referendum, when Fianna Fáil in government unsuccessfully proposed removing suicide as a ground for abortion. "We felt the suicide option — if you legislate for that, you’re essentially creating an open-door situation, and it will be very difficult to hold back," he said.

Asked if his position was not to legislate at all, Mr Martin replied: "I remain to be convinced that it’s a doable proposition.

"It’s not as black and white as is being portrayed, and I’m not so sure that that route necessarily is going to lead to a significant improvement for anybody.

"I’m not absolutist in terms of being judgmental on people. But… I think we should do everything we possibly can to preserve the life of the unborn and preserve the life of the mother. And I think we do that in Ireland, actually."

Demands for abortion legislation in Ireland causing tension in the governing coalition

Minister of State at the Department of Health Kathleen Lynch told RTÉ radio yesterday (Sunday July 22nd) that she believes the Government will have no choice but to recommend legislation on the issue.
She said she expected that the expert group examining how to accommodate the X Case will recommend legislation, and that the Government would have to discuss those proposals.
the interview can be viewed on this link

This statement is clearly disingenuous since the Expert Group is tasked with producing a range of options for consideration by the Government not to recommend one particular course of action.   
It is also disingenuous to claim that the "Government will have no choice but to recommend legislation on the issue" bearing in mind that the European court judgment in A, B and C v Ireland does not compel Ireland to introduce abortion. the A,B and C judgement simply seeks clarity in the law which is an entirely different matter.   
Those seeking to introduce abortion in Ireland are intentionally distorting the A,B and C judgement to support their own agenda while ignoring another important fact, namely, that Ireland, without abortion, is the safest place in the world for pregnant women.

As a direct result of Minister Lynch's statement and bearing in mind that a number of Fine Gael deputies have placed on record that they will vote against any proposal to legislate for abortion, Ireland's deputy Prime Minister Tanaiste and labour leader Eamon Gilmore was forced to intervene saying that the Government will wait to see the report from the expert group examining the implications of a European Court of Human rights ruling on Irish abortion laws before acting on the issue.
Speaking at the MacGill Summer School in Glenties in Co Donegal, Gilmore said there would be no split in government over the issue of abortion.

"We have established structures within government which enable us to make key decisions on a joint basis," he said.

"We have a very good working relationship, particularly between the Taoiseach and myself, which is capable of resolving any issue that arises within the lifetime of the Government."

A large group of Fine Gael deputies will oppose abortion legislation in Ireland

The abortion issue has once again come to the fore in Ireland. Following recent reports that Health Minister James Reilly was in favour of legislation for abortion, a number deputies from the Ministers own party confirmed  that they would resist any attempt at abortion liberalisation.

The Irish Times on Thursday last July 19 reported that a group of Fine Gael TDs and Senators laid down a strong marker last night that they will oppose any proposal to Government that will result in abortion laws being liberalised.

The Irish Times reports that some 15 TDs said they would oppose legislation that would pave the way for abortion and insisted the findings of the expert group on abortion be discussed with them before it is brought to Cabinet. In a signal of a potential backbench mutiny on a flashpoint issue, two of the party’s TDs indicated they would vote against any such laws in the Dáil, even in the event of a Government whip being imposed.

The report also says that Minister for Health James Reilly, who will receive the report from the expert group, gave a commitment to his colleagues that he would consult with them on the findings before going to Cabinet. Dr Reilly made what one TD described as a “cast-iron guarantee” in that regard.

The report cites statements by a number of TDs, which it claims indicates that the parliamentary party was overwhelmingly opposed to liberalisation of the abortion laws.

“I firmly believe that abortion will present a greater challenge than austerity for this Government,” said one TD.

“Fine Gael and Labour have clearly diverging views on this. We made it clear that for Fine Gael this is a red-line issue. We must make sure that Fine Gael Ministers in Cabinet are fully aware of the strong views of Senators and TDs on the matter,” he added.

Party chairman, Laois TD Charlie Flanagan, confirmed the assurance given by Dr Reilly: “The Fine Gael party will have every opportunity to discuss the abortion issue and the report of the expert group before any Government decision is made,” he said.

The matter was raised with Dr Reilly by Waterford TD John Deasy at the end of a presentation by the Minister for Health on the Health Service Executive.

He said the matter could not be decided by Government without reference to Fine Gael TDs and Senators. Two TDs, Simon Harris from Wicklow and James Bannon from Longford-Westmeath, said they would vote against any such law in the Dáil.

Concerns had been raised within Fine Gael in recent weeks that the Cabinet would make a decision on the report of the expert group, chaired by High Court judge Seán Ryan, and present it to Fine Gael as a “done deal”.

There was also concern about Dr Reilly’s response to the recent private member’s motion brought by Socialist Party TD Clare Daly, which called for legislation to give effect to the ruling in the European Court of Human Rights on the “X” case.

Dr Reilly had said that six successive governments had shirked their responsibility on the issue.

However, he told his colleagues last night that that did not necessarily mean a commitment to legislate, rather a commitment to address the issue.

He also defended the expert group against suggestions that it was imbalanced or partial.

The group, formed in January in response to the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights on Irish abortion laws, is expected to complete its work in September.

Minister of State Lucinda Creighton and Limerick Fine Gael TD Patrick O’Donovan both argued that the State was not bound to ECHR decisions in the same way as it was to the European Court of Justice.

Among those who spoke out strongly were John O’Mahony (Mayo), Regina Doherty (Meath East) and Mr Deasy.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Will UK abortion doctors in non compliant Trusts be prosecuted for perjury?

Dr Peter Saunders in his BLOG comments on the health service regulator’s report of July 12th, that fourteen NHS abortion clinics have broken the UK abortion law by allowing doctors to pre-sign forms authorising a termination.

Dr Saunders writes;
This is in breach of the Abortion Act, and allows the second doctor to take a solo decision to allow a termination.
The breaches were uncovered in an investigation ordered by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley (pictured) who asked the CQC to investigate whether the practice, first identified in January, was widespread.

The Abortion Act 1967 requires a form (HSA1) certifying that the requirements for a termination have been met to be signed by two doctors before the procedure takes place.

The story has been covered by the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Guardian which give more details.

I have pasted the full ministerial statement below along with the list of NHS Trusts involved. It makes it very clear that the police are now involved.

Sadly the response of both the Labour Party and abortion providers to all this has been openly contemptuous.

Abortion is still a crime unless it is carried out under the provisions of the Abortion Act and the reason two doctors signatures are involved is because abortion involves the taking of a human life.

Clearly in the case of these 14 NHS abortion clinics at least one named doctor has put his or her signature to statutory documents knowingly and wilfully making false claims.

This is a form of perjury (see below).

The CQC must already have the doctors’ names (as their signatures will be on these forms) so the police should also have them very shortly.

If the law is being properly upheld then, on the basis of the facts presented in the media, it would seem the next thing we should expect to hear is that at least 14 doctors are being prosecuted for perjury.

I wonder if we will.
Dr Saunders then lists the Law on perjury, The list of non compliant Trusts and the Written Ministerial statement of July 12th from the Health Department


Section 5 of the Perjury Act 1911 reads as follows:

5 False statutory declarations and other false statements without oath

If any person knowingly and wilfully makes (otherwise than on oath) a statement false in a material particular, and the statement is made—
(a)in a statutory declaration; or
(b)in a… certificate, declaration… or other document which he is authorised or required to make, attest, or verify, by any public general Act of Parliament for the time being in force… he shall be guilty of a misdemeanour and shall be liable on conviction thereof on indictment to imprisonment… for any term not exceeding two years, or to a fine or to both such imprisonment and fine.


1. Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Bradford Royal Infirmary
2. Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust - Loughborough Hospital
3. Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
4. Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Royal Victoria Infirmary
5. Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Scunthorpe General Hospital
6. Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust - Rochdale Infirmary
7. Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Peterborough City Hospital
8. Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust - Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, Essex
9. Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust - Musgrove Park Hospital
10. University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust - Central Health Clinic
11. University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust - Leicester General
12. University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust - Leicester Royal
13. Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - Arrowe Park Hospital
14. Wye Valley NHS Trust - Hereford Hospital


Care Quality Commission inspections of abortion providers
Thursday 12 July 2012

The Secretary of State for Health (Mr Andrew Lansley): Following reports of potential breaches of the Abortion Act 1967, in March 2012 the Care Quality Commission (CQC) undertook a series of unannounced inspections of all abortion providers. The focus of these inspections was whether abortion certificates (Form HSA1) had been signed by doctors before a woman had been seen in the clinic. The law requires two doctors to certify that at least one (and the same) ground for abortion exists in relation to a specific woman.

At the end of the inspection process, the CQC set up a national quality assurance panel to review findings, judgements and action. The CQC have today published 249 inspection reports on their website, www.cqc.org.uk. Inspectors seized evidence from around a fifth of providers where issues of consistency and completeness of HSA1 forms were identified. Clear evidence of pre-signing was identified in a total of 14 providers and the CQC have required compliance actions be taken by all of these providers to ensure that their practices meet the standards set in law by a set date.

Investigations by the police, General Medical Council, and Nursing and Midwifery Council continue and further referrals may result from the publication of the CQC reports. We await the outcome of these investigations.

In the meantime, my officials will work with a number of bodies including the CQC and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to address the findings from these inspections.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Responding to a deadly agenda

Much has been written about the Family Planning Summit held last week in London  which according to Melinda Gates, resulted in raising $4.6 billion to promote population control worldwide.
Pro-abortion activists who attended the summit published a plan to promote abortion and population control after its conclusion. Former UN Special Rapporteur on Health Paul Hunt, together with Dr. Jane Cottingham and International Women's Health Coalition (IWHC) President Adrienne Germain co-authored a document designed to pressurise third world  nations to promote population control.

Hunt in announcing the initiative told the audience that his presentation would be provocative and he claimed that the old model of human rights which only addressed violation(s) against individuals and offered redress, has given way to a new model for the last ten years in which human rights are used “to shape laws, policies, programmes, and projects in relation to contraceptive information and services.”

The study published by Lancet and partially funded by the Gates Foundation outlines “how human rights can be used (or abused) to identify, reduce and eliminate barriers to accessing contraception…enhance laws and policies; and to identify governments’(so called) "legal obligations" in relation to contraceptives and services.

One response to this deadly agenda, a video entitled "Dear Melinda Gates", is worth viewing 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Contraceptives: what you need to know: birth-control (‘contraception’) methods which can cause abortion".

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) have published new information fact sheets on the effects of contraception.
The age old question that continues to be asked is can contraception methods cause an abortion? the answer according to this new research is yes

John Smeaton in his BLOG writes

Can birth control cause an abortion, by stopping an unborn child from implanting in the womb? This question, of urgent importance to all pro-lifers, is answered today as SPUC releases "Contraceptives: what you need to know: birth-control (‘contraception’) methods which can cause abortion". This much-needed document, based on extensive research undertaken by the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute (SCBI), gives readers the most up-to-date information on how certain forms of ‘birth control’ operate and whether they have an abortifacient effect. SPUC urges all people who care about pro-life issues to study this and inform themselves and others of ways in which the very newly-conceived are under attack in hidden ways. More in-depth information can be found in SPUC's paper "Birth control methods which can cause abortion" July 2012
The PDF  version of "Contraceptives: what you need to know: birth-control (‘contraception’) methods which can cause abortion", can be downloaded directly from John Smeatons BLOG

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


A pilgrimage of an Icon, a replica of the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa is currently underway. The purpose of the pilgrimage which commenced on June 14th in Vladivostok, is for the protection of life and it is taking place under the title "From Ocean to Ocean"
The Icon is attracting great crowds in the Far East with huge numbers queuing to see it and to kiss the Icon. The pilgrimage includes meetings, lectures, conferences and pro-life rallies at the locations visited by the Icon

The route of the current phase of the Icon's tour which is around 18 thousand km., will take it through 23 countries: beginning in Russia and ending Portugal where it will be at the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima at Christmas. The route includes, The Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal.

The pilgrimage will most likely continue through next year, arriving in the United States in the spring, and may go even further. Great interest has also been expressed in this activity in South America, Africa and Australia.

The replica of the Czestochowa Icon of Our Lady, dedicated to the defense of life, was touched to the original in the Monastery of Jasna Gora in Poland on January28 and solemnly blessed by Archbishop Stanislaw Nowak, Metropolitan of Czestochowa.

The initiators of the pilgrimage are lay defenders of life from different countries under the patronage of Human Life International. They realize that without God's help a victory in the battle against a growing global attack on the civilization of life is not possible. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Parent Power

I have reported in the past on the issue of explicit sexuality education for children and the determination of the UN and some National Governments to include highly inappropriate material in such programmes.  See BLOGS 2010/10 and 2011/03.  

Underlying this is of course the issue of the primary responsibility of parents for the education of their children and the tendency for this right and responsibility to be usurped by the State.

John Smeaton reports today on the issue and the success of parent power in having an explicit sex education programme suspended in a Northampton school.
John reports that Antonia Tully (pictured right), of SPUC's Safe at School campaign, spoke last week at a public meeting for parents of children in Northamptonshire. As a result of the meeting, attended by thirty mothers and fathers, the Caroline Chisholm Primary School has suspended its teaching of sex and relationships education.

International law has consistently affirmed the right and responsibility of parents in the education of their children. One only need recall the most universally ratified international legal instrument, namely, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which states quite clearly that the decision regarding the education of the child rests with the parents of that child. As the CRC states, "Parents...have the primary responsibility for the upbringing and development of their child" (Art. 18,1). The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, both call for respect for the liberty of parents "to ensure the religious and moral education of their children in conformity with their own convictions" (ICCPR, Art. 184 and ICESCR, Art. 13,3).

As the CRC makes clear, the best interests of the child is the basic concern of the parents who have the primary responsibility for the upbringing and development of their child. Any attempt to usurp the primary responsibility of parents does a disservice to the child, the parents, marriage and the family. What is needed instead is respect for the child by support of the family, which is the most healthy environment for the child in which to be raised, and not the State but parents who have primary responsibility for the education of their children.”

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Irish Senators debate prenatal and perinatal care for families whose unborn babies are diagnosed as having or likely to have a terminal condition or a severe disability at birth

The Irish Senate on Wednesday July 11th looked at the issues of prenatal and  perinatal care and support for pregnant women whose unborn babies are diagnosed with serious illnesses.

The issue was raised following a briefing by ‘One Day More,’ a group of families who each had babies diagnosed with a terminal condition and/or severe disabilities prior to birth. The event, which was co-hosted by Senators Rónán Mullen, Darragh O’Brien and Mary Ann O’Brien was attended by over 60 Senators and TDs.

The importance of the issues were highlighted by number of Senators, some of whose statements are reprinted here below

Senator Darragh O’Brien in his intervention told the Senate, 
“I ask that we would have a debate in the House very early in the new session on perinatal care. I thank Senator Rónán Mullen for arranging a most thought-provoking presentation from the One Day More group of parents whose children, unfortunately, survived only a very short time after they were born. Any of us who were present were very moved by the frank and honest personal accounts these men and women gave today. It gave us a very different perspective about the joy experienced by families and their friends, even in such a difficult situation when their children, who were born with major disabilities, had only a short lifespan.

They deserve, and I am sure the Leader will arrange, a proper and considered debate in September on the issue of perinatal care. I was struck, particularly in regard to the mothers who spoke today, by how well they were treated and what an experience it was for them to bring their children into this world, even if it was, as one mother recounted to us, just for the 17 minutes the child survived after birth. We need to look at how we might improve on that for parents and for the children who were born, and look at the whole area of perinatal care. I ask the Leader to arrange that debate early in the next term to see how the House can assist these very brave people, whom I commend. I again thank Senator Rónán Mullen for organising the presentation.”

Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú told the House, 
"I compliment Senators Rónán Mullen, Darragh O’Brien and Mary Ann O’Brien on co-hosting a briefing by One Day More this morning. A number of Deputies were also involved in this very moving cross-party event. One Day More comprises families with children with severe disabilities and who lost a child shortly after birth because of severe disabilities. In times of difficulty we look for stories of inspiration and hope and we need look no further than the seven parents who spoke at the Hibernian Club this morning. They shared their personal experiences and did not show bitterness or regret. It was about showing the love they had for their children. Even though they had died, they were still very much part of the parents’ lives. It would be a lovely experience if the Leader could arrange for the seven parents in question to discuss the matter in the Chamber. Over 50 Deputies and Senators turned up at a very early hour this morning. If the parents were to appear in the Houses, every Deputy and Senator would be overawed by their stories. I compliment everyone involved, but I would like their stories to travel further than the large attendance this morning".

Senator Mary Ann O’Brien said 
"I, too, commend Senator Mullen, who was the catalyst for this morning’s One Day More event. The elephant in the room is the word “abortion”. The lives of the babies we heard about this morning would have been terminated. I did not speak myself this morning because it was a time for the parents but I too had a baby that died at two years of age, who I could have terminated when he was in my tummy. His name was Jack Irwin. Because of him we have raised €36 million for the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation. By the way, it has nothing to do with me. I do not do any of the work. My husband, Jonathan, his foundation and all the lovely people throughout Ireland do the work. This shows what can happen. I wish everyone had been there this morning to hear how fragile life is and that we are here to respect human beings. There was great sadness but great dignity portrayed this morning by those wonderful parents."

Senator Paul Coghlan told the House, 
"I fully agree with Senator Darragh O’Brien and the remarks of Senators Ó Murchú and Burke with regard to the One Day More group we heard from this morning on perinatal care. It is remarkably important. I gather great advances have been made in this area. I compliment the Senators who arranged the event, including Senator Mullen, Senator Mary Ann O’Brien and others. They gave moving accounts. That would not normally be my scene at that hour of the morning, or any morning, but it was moving and it opened our minds to the tremendous value of human life, even for such a short time. It was good that so many Members were there to hear their stories. Will the Leader indicate whether there is any way we could advance this, spread it or hear more about it in greater numbers in the Oireachtas? Any way we can advance it would represent a good day’s work and I sincerely commend all involved".

Senator Jim Walsh also agreed and told the House, 
"I join those who complimented Senators Mullen, Darragh O’Brien and Mary Ann O’Brien and thank the Senators for their invitation to us to hear what was a story of integrity, courage, parental love and a lesson to us all in how to face adversity. I join Senators Ó Murchú and Paul Coghlan who stated they hoped there would be a follow-on. I encourage the three Senators to have further initiatives because it is important everybody in this House hears their stories. It is part of the enlightenment we should have in the process of formulating legislation".

Senator Maurice Cummins in response told the house, 
"Senators Darragh O’Brien, Labhrás Ó Murchú and several others referred to One Day More, an organisation that held a breakfast information meeting this morning, and called for a debate on prenatal care. I will seek to arrange such a debate in the new session".
We conclude this report by linking to the perinatal hospice video on which we recently reported  

Belfast pro-life rally

The sun was shining on Belfast on Saturday last July 7th when several thousand pro-lifers walked through the streets of the city centre to the rally's assembly point at Custom House Square. There they listened to speakers from both sides of the border, as well as Britain and the US, call on them to continue the fight to keep Ireland free of abortion.
Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life said that this year’s rally was a celebration of the founding of Youth Defence (YD) in 1992. Despite this anniversary there was an even greater sense of urgency this year for obvious reasons. Dr Eoghan De Faoite of YD told the crowd that the Irish government was determined to use the faulty decision by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in the A B and C case as the pretext to liberalise the country's abortion laws. But, he pointed out, rulings by ECtHR, are not legally binding and under the Constitution it is the Irish people who hold sovereignty.
Unlike previous rallies in Belfast, this year a small number of anti-life protesters, between 100 and 200, gathered at one point along the route. Their attempts to disrupt the event, however, were frustrated and their pro-abortion slogans were drowned out by the chants of “Pro-life, pro-life”.
Initial estimates put the attendance at this years event at 7000 and in addition the event was well attended by members of the clergy, including Bishop Donal McKeown, auxiliary bishop of Down and Connor. 
Bernadette Smyth also read out a message of support from the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New attempt to spread the culture of death

We reported last week on the upcoming Family Planning Summit to be held in London tomorrow, Wednesday July 11th, World Population Day see this link.

In the lead up to this summit there is a major international effort to push what is being termed as an "unmet need for family planning" backed by reports in the Financial Times and the Lancet.

The lancet report according to news sources makes the unbelievable statement that contraception saves 250,000 lives annually. According to the report, "Increasing contraceptive use in developing countries has cut the number of maternal deaths by 40% over the past 20 years".

It is well known that reduction in maternal mortality relates to the availability of basic healthcare, which should be provided to all women. Mothers in particular should be provided with essential prenatal care, skilled attendants at all deliveries and specialist care for life threatening complications for both mother and the child yet to be born. “

Predicating aid to developing countries on the basis of acceptance of family planning methods is not respectful of the human person does nothing to advance the health and wellbeing of women of today and of tomorrow. What is needed instead is a human-centered approach to caring for others, an approach that is fully respectful of the intrinsic dignity and worth of each and every person--from the very beginning of conception to natural death--an approach which sees the individual person not as a burden but as a contribution to the human family.

Executive Director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) John Smeaton points out in his BLOG that despite Melinda Gates assurances that abortion is not part of her agenda it is likely that there will be a new and sustained attempt to create a so called "human right to abortion. John's BLOG includes this video on the real reasons for maternal deaths, whilst Anthony Ozimic points out that Food not Contraception saves lives. 

Wendy Wright writing in Turtle Bay and Beyond also provides an excellent analysis