Friday, November 10, 2017

Spiritual Crusade to defend the 8th Amendment

Our 54 day crusade of prayer and fasting  for the defence of the 8th Amendment, which protects the lives unborn babies in Ireland, commenced on November 1st. and extends to Christmas Eve.
The public response to this initiative was beyond all expectation and has resulted in hundreds of people of all ages and from all parts of Ireland taking part together with eight nominated individuals who have agreed fast, on a water only fast for six periods of 9 days each.

There is a clear understanding that the current war on the unborn is primarily a spiritual battle and that in addition to the excellent work of all the pro-life organisations a spiritual battle consisting of prayer and fasting  is also an essential element. 

There are currently eight people committed to a fasting rota for the 54 days and as we write this column on November 10th we have reached the end of the first,  very successful, 9 day fast. The second 9 day fast which is being carried out by two young men begins today.

Prior to the commencement of this initiative Patrick Buckley spoke at meetings in Malahide, Navan and Mullingar stressing the importance of a spiritual approach to defending  unborn life in Ireland by the defence of 8th Amendment and he gave details of the Spiritual Crusade.

The spiritual crusade is a joint initiative of European life Network (ELN) Human Life Ireland  (HLI )and the Catholic Voice Newspaper .