Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Youth Defence Conference

A Pro-Life Youth Conference scheduled for November will feature a line-up of internationally renowned pro-life speakers, including Gianna Jessen, the abortion survivor, and Lila Rose, the student journalist whose undercover work has exposed the worst of Planned Parenthood practices in the US.

The conference, which is being organised by Youth Defence and their student affiliate, Ultrasound, and will be held in Maynooth, is set to attract young people from across the country and promises to live up the standard of YD’s much-praised International Activists’ Conferences.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to confirm booking for an amazing line-up of speakers, including Gianna Jessen, Dr. Tony Levatino a former abortion provider, Lila Rose, Bryan Kemper, and the always-popular John Pridmore, amongst others,” said Rebecca of YD. “We’ve just begun the initial contacts to build attendance and have got an extremely positive reaction so far.”

Rebecca said that YD and Ultrasound felt that the conference was the most appropriate event to motivate, educate and involve young people who had been contacted by pro-life outreaches on campus and through Roadshows. “We need to keep informing and building the next generation of pro-life leaders,” she said. “It’s an area that doesn’t receive enough focus and we’re hoping to change that with this conference.”

The conference will take place in St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth. It will start Friday 20th November until Saturday 22nd.