Monday, December 20, 2010

Pro-Life Demonstration in Dublin

The IFPA (Irish Family Planning Association), which is an associate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, is part funded by the Irish government.
This organisation, the IFPA, as readers are no doubt aware, is responsible for having brought what is known as the A, B and C case to the European Court of Human Rights where a judgement was handed down by the Court last week (please see my recent blogs, and also those of John Smeaton –

In response to the judgement and its implications for Ireland, and to draw attention to the fact that it is tax-payers’ money that was used to bring the A, B and C case to Europe (in a direct attack on the Constitution of Ireland under which the lives of both mother and baby are expressly protected), Youth Defence, at very short notice, organised a rally in defence of life on Saturday last.   The rally took place in Dublin city, starting at the premises of the IFPA and ending in O’Connell Street some hours later.   When the rally ended most of those taking part continued on down O’Connell Street to stop and pray at the Crib there.

At the start of the rally a small number of pro-abortion advocates also gathered outside the IFPA premises, but needless to say they were hugely outnumbered by pro-lifers – young, old, middle-aged, babies in prams, and children of all ages.    As usual with these rallies, there was great camaraderie and chat and that knowledge that we were all there with one purpose – to defend life at all its stages.    When the rally moved down to O’Connell Street the participants took up their positions along the whole length of the GPO (General Post Office), and similarly along at least an equal amount of space on the pedestrian island in the middle of O’Connell Street.    Here, together with many placards and posters showing the unborn baby at each stage of its growth, and alerting passers-by to the involvement of the IFPA in the abortion industry, a number of people held an enormous banner with this message:  Abortion never saves a woman’s life – it just kills a baby.