Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Unborn babies remembered in 9/11 commemerations

During the  recent 10th anniversary of 9/11 both in Pennsylvania and New York, in addition to those named in the commemerations, unborn babies who were victims were also remembered.
When the names of the victims in Pennsylvania were read out a bell was rung each time

Jill Stanek writes in her BLOG post
"Shanksville memorial service acknowledges preborn baby as 9-11 victim"
One of my Facebook friends was at the Flight 93 memorial service yesterday at Shanksville. She said the names were read. A woman’s name was read and also “an unborn child.”
The bell was rung twice.
Also in New York the 9/11 Memorial Lists 11 "Unborn" babies

Ten women who died on Sept. 11, and one in the Feb. 1993 bombing, were known to be pregnant. Their names are being listed on the memorial with the phrase "and her unborn"