Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The case of Miss C: the case the pro-abortion lobby want to hush-up

The following excellent article by Martin Daly, which appeared in the Connaught Telegraph, tells some home truths and challenges the patently false pro-abortion mantra that abortion should be available where a woman threatens suicide

In 2008 alone, Chuck Feeney, an Irish American billionaire, gave 79 million dollars to what he believed were ‘good causes’. Included were: abortion, gay marriage and children’s rights advocacy. The flow of funds continues and is used to such effect that these issues are rarely off the Irish airwaves and are often conveyed in a way where reason is abandoned for the madness of emotional blackmail.

The money, possibly supplemented by our taxes, pays the salaries of recession proof, articulate and well trained advocates who pose as ‘civil society’ pillars with legislative influence. It funds their research and advertising, facilitates excessive and often uncritical exposure in the media, finances their activism in schools; and just in case all of that doesn’t work, enables them to lobby European institutions to get irksome Irish laws changed.

The power and ‘transforming effect’ of these opinion manipulators should not be underestimated. By 2005 the Oireachtas Committee on the Family articles of the Constitution had received 8000 public submissions. Over 70% wanted no change.  Yet, these ordinary people weren't listened to.  You see they did not have Chuck's money. They were not invited to apply for funds like these social radicals who were sought out.  Instead, at a time when vulnerable children are without special needs assistants, hospitals are in crisis, families cannot pay their bills, and the country is almost bankrupt; our Tanaiste tells us that Gay Marriage is ‘the civil rights issue of this generation’ and will be prioritised at the Constitutional Convention. No doubt Chuck's hijackers will be there.

What is also clear is that strategically placed abortion zealots, be they Chuck subsidized or not, are quite adept at getting their own way too. The membership of the ‘expert’ group was changed during the Christmas recess as two pro abortionists were added to the list and a GP and SC taken off. The new head of the HSE is another, having cut his teeth with the eugenically inspired international Planned Parenthood, (funded by more billionaires). Minister Reilly seems culpable here.

As is often the case, ideologues don’t really care about the person, only the cause. Think of the C Case. In the years that followed, abortion campaigners used this poor pregnant girl, taken into care after a brutal rape, to demand the legalisation of abortion in Ireland, arguing the case in Europe too. What was their motivation? Twelve years later we know. Miss 'C' ‘s voice was heard.

Miss 'C': "The nightmare still continues with me going to England to have the abortion. I remember flying over on the plane with social workers to have the abortion..."
“I didn’t understand what was happening ....I thought I was getting the baby out.”

Pat Kenny: “You thought there would be a living baby there?”

Miss 'C': “Afterwards yeah. Then I remember waking up from the abortion and screaming and screaming and crying with the pain so they gave me another injection to fall back to sleep, well I don’t know, I fell back to sleep afterwards. I woke up then and I was in no pain so I asked for the baby and they told me there was no baby . . .

“I wouldn’t have wanted to keep it; I would have put it up for adoption or something.......... “I still, still to this day I’m still suffering. I went to get a death certificate done for the baby. I named her Shannon. So, like, that was pretty hard for me to do as well.... But I had to have some dignity to say that that child was still there . . .

“I’ve tried to kill myself. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to kill myself. But I have a little five- year-old son now so he’s keeping me, he is the best thing that has ever happened me now . ."

You won’t hear this young woman’s case mentioned much by abortion campaigners now. Nor will you hear that she had the abortion against her parents’ wishes and was deceived.

Pro life leaders, many of them woman, who really care about mothers and babies and who are often demonised for their courage, have tried to highlight the truth of all of this, unsuccessfully.   They understand that the risk of suicide is greater post abortion; but those who used this poor girl back then would rather the public didn’t know the full story since it destroys their arguments and exposes a ruthless, agenda-driven hypocrisy that masks itself in a compassionate veneer.

Thankfully, John O Mahoney T.D. seems alert to the ‘expert’ contrivance that is going on. He raised concerns at a meeting of the Fine Gael Parliamentary party. Others should follow his lead and also raise Dail questions about the billionaire’s club that has no mandate but a lot of influence, be it at a constitutional convention or in the Taoiseach’s office. (Frank Flannery has Chuck’s directors advising him on how best to improve Irish charity laws).

As for Chuck! This is a man who came from a poor background, made a fortune and then gave it away. A man who lives a simple, frugal life and whose initial bounty was put to great use, financing world class facilities in our universities and targeting genuine social need. Sadly, all that will be forgotten, devoured by a darkness that has killed more Europeans and Americans than World War I and II combined. Chuck’s money could spread that shadow here and with it spiritual and social decay.

God help him if that is to be his legacy. But Chuck is not an enemy , rather he is a patient in need of a cure.  Frank, could you get him to google ‘Elliot 99 balloons youtube’? There he will discover what the cure is. Miss C knows it. So can we all.