Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Critique of the Irish expert group report on abortion by the European Life Network , 2012.

Now that the expert group has reported we have had an opportunity of looking at its content and recommendations and have prepared a critique which we have posted on our website. We  question the entire basis on which the report is premised and reject many of the assertions set out in it.

The critique has been placed on our website and may be accessed on this link 
We have also set out some of our conclusions below

European Life Network conclusions

By defining abortion as necessary medical treatment, and by undermining the absolute prohibition on abortion in the Irish Constitution and Irish statute law, the expert report sets the scene for legislation which will lead to ever-wider permissions for abortion.
The history of abortion law in Great Britain shows that, over time, court judgments, new statutes, regulations and professional guidelines form a trend towards de facto abortion on demand.
The Oireachtas must reject the expert group if it wishes to avoid this scenario. It must find a way to overturn the X case judgment and any other element of law or public policy in Ireland which fails to apply Ireland’s constitutional and statutory ban on intentionally ending the lives of unborn children from the point of conception onwards. This will also protect the lives and dignity of women, in a country whose maternal health record is one of the best in the world.

We also appeal to Enda Kenny to honour the pro-life commitments made by him prior to the last election and we ask him to stand firm against the pressure from the Labour Party to legislate along the lines of the seriously flawed 'X' case judgement.