Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Nicaraguan Ministry for the Family, health and life

The Vatican news agency Fides reports that the new Apostolic Nuncio in Nicaragua, His Excellency, Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu, said during the presentation of his credentials to President Daniel Ortega, that the Holy See intends "to work for the good of the people of Nicaragua." 
"The Apostolic Nuncio works, as the representative of the Holy Father for the good of the people. We have no political interests, but the interests of the people," said the Nigerian Archbishop. 
 As reported to Fides, Archbishop Nwachukwu also expressed appreciation on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI for the government's work in family policies. 

President Ortega welcomed the new Nuncio who he said, "has our full support and respect," declaring himself "open to comments" that the new Nuncio wants to ask. Ortega stressed that his government is committed to the principles of Christianity, "to put family first." "This commitment asks for the support of the Catholic Church and also of the other evangelical churches. We are open to dialogue, to listen, just to nourish and strengthen programs to assist families in Nicaragua," said the Sandinista leader. Just in these days, the Parliament of Nicaragua, approved the creation of a "Ministry for the Family, health and life." Some sectors of the opposition reject the state system organization in the field, seeing it as an intrusion of the government in the internal affairs of families.