Monday, July 22, 2013

Reported death of woman, following 2012 London abortion, introduced in final week of Ireland's abortion debate

The pro-abortion forces and the liberal media in Ireland know something about timing and use it to deadly effect. We saw for example the barefaced exploitation of the Savita Halappanavar case which was used very effectively to begin the process of the introduction of abortion in Ireland and now we see what seems to be the ‘coup de grace', timed to coincide with the final debates in the Senate before it is voted into law. The Media are reporting on the sad case of a woman, a foreign national living in Dublin, who died from ‘extensive internal blood loss’ following an abortion in a Marie Stopes clinic in London in January 2012.
Whilst the reports are carefully worded the obvious conclusion that abortion is dangerous for women as well as being deadly for babies is not even considered and neither is the question of why this report was not presented in January 2012 but saved for the week in which the final vote is to be taken in the Senate. 

Judging by the headline of the article in which a non-national living and studying in Ireland is morphed into 'A woman FROM Ireland' one can be forgiven for cynically concluding that this story is already in the process of becoming yet another 'cause celebre' for the pro-choice movement.
The carefully crafted story rather than focusing on the real issues implies that the problem arose from the fact that the woman could not obtain an abortion in Ireland.

Interestingly an article by John Waters appears this week in the Irish Catholic Newspaper in which he says of Ireland's pro-abortion media;
For one thing, the ‘debates’ are almost invariably hosted by ‘liberal’ journalists, and, for another, the skewed dynamics of the ‘debates’ ensure that these are really dramas in which traditionalist forces are pitted against liberals in a manner that ensures only the liberal argument can win.
The Independent reports as follows (see this link)
THE woman who travelled to the UK from Dublin for an abortion died from a heart attack caused by “extensive internal blood loss” hours after having the procedure.
Police in the UK are investigating the death of the mum-of-one who travelled from Dublin to London for an abortion.

Today, the Irish Independent can reveal that a post-mortem conducted on the woman concluded that she died from a heart attack, caused by extensive internal blood loss.

The London Metropolitan Police confirmed today that they were investigating the woman’s death, which occurred in Slough, on January 21, 2012, and a file will be sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The 32-year-old married woman was understood to be a foreign national living in Dublin.

A spokesperson for the London Metropolitan Police confirmed that detectives from Homicide and Serious Crime Command are investigating the circumstances surrounding her “unexplained” death which occurred around midnight on Saturday, 21st, 2012, in Slough.

Medical personnel were called but the woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Next of kin are aware and an inquest is scheduled to open in due course,” a spokesperson said.

“A post mortem which took place on 23 January at Wexham Hospital concluded that the cause of death was a heart attack caused by extensive internal blood loss.

“We continue to investigate the death and are liaising with the Crown Prosecution Service currently,” the spokesperson added.

A report in today’s Irish Times said the woman sought an abortion at a maternity hospital in Dublin.

However, the mother-of-one was told that it was not possible to obtain one in this jurisdiction.

It is understood she had a condition which raised the chances of a miscarriage – however, it was not believed to be a life-threatening condition.

The woman travelled to a Marie Stopes clinic in London.

However, she died in a taxi just hours after the procedure.

Speaking anonymously, the woman’s husband said she had a child in Ireland in 2010 but the pregnancy was a painful experience. It was also complicated by fibroids. Treatment for such a condition could have caused infertility, the man.

The man said they worried what would happen if she fell pregnant again.

He said his wife was approximately 20 weeks pregnant when she travelled to London for an abortion.

He told the newspaper she would have underwent the procedure sooner, but they spent some time exploring all their options.

It also took some time for the couple, who were on student visas at the time, to save the sum required for such a procedure.

Thousands of Irish women travel each year to England and Wales for an abortion.

Latest figures show that almost 4,000 women travelled to the UK last year for an abortion.

This is also reported in the Irish Times under the following heading
UK inquiry as woman from Ireland dies after abortion
London Metropolitan Police are investigating circumstances surrounding death of 32-year-old.