Friday, August 30, 2013

Culture of Life Africa

I recently came across an excellent website called Culture of Life Africa which castigates the western world, European nations in particular for funding the culture of death in Africa.
I am reprinting below and linking to an excellent BLOG POST dealing with cultural imperialism of the worst kind but which is promoted and funded in the name of progress.
The article entitled ‘SAAF - a sleek, sly, deplorable meansof destruction’ by Obianuju Ekeocha reads as follows
As I searched online for resources and initiatives dedicated to development in Africa, it dawned on me that in this difficult and dry global economic climate, many humanitarian aid projects have been inevitably defunded and there are fewer and fewer poverty alleviation projects being launched . So imagine my shock and horror to discover that the one well that has not run dry in this economic drought is SAAF -the safe abortion action fund - a multi-donor funding stream which exists only for the sole purpose of bringing abortion to the poorest parts of the world. So, as good development projects are allowed to drop off the grid SAAF enjoys renewed commitments from donors that keep it going and growing every year.
The Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF) was established by a group of five like-minded (I guess we can also say abortion-minded) donors in 2006 as a mechanism to support in-country initiatives for increasing access to abortion services within a package of reproductive health care. This is how they described themselves on their website, so even from their self-presentation, their aim and agenda is very clear - to spread the culture of abortion wrapped in the pretty packaging of "reproductive health care" to every nation and every people on earth .
And they are advancing their morally objectionable mission by providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to non-governmental organizations which demonstrate an ability to improve (and increase) access to abortion through stimulating policy change, advocacy (i.e. funding abortion lobbyists who specialize in pressurizing and persuading governments of poor countries) and service delivery (i.e. funding all forms of abortion services) .
In their own words SAAF works to de-stigmatize abortion and to legitimize the abortion debate – creating and supporting a ‘network of champions’ who are more empowered to work at local and national levels.
A network of champions to provide, de-stigmatize and legitimize the killing of the unborn?
What a viciously vile and violent work being carried out by SAAF's network of "champions"!
Hosted (and coordinated) by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) - no surprise there. 
But what is surprising and disconcerting is that as millions of pregnant women are unable to get access to the most basic prenatal care that will save their lives, and millions of girls are unable to gain access to basic education that will truly empower them, wealthy and powerful donors get together, unite their forces ,  and pull their massive resources only to dedicate  astronomical amounts of money to de-stigmatizing , legitimizing and  increasing access to abortion across the developing world .
This gives one a real cause for pause and worry especially when you find out who the donors are ...
This abortion-promotion entity is being funded not by private donors but by governments of some very prominent European nations!!!  Yes, hiding behind the IPPF as host are the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden , Switzerland and Norway.
As you can see, these are all Wealthy, Educated, Industrialized, Rich , Democratic (W.E.I.R.D) nations who have set out to spread their own tragic disregard for the sanctity of human life by supporting and sustaining a thinly clad abortion-machine like SAAF.
An initiative which is openly and totally committed to spreading the scourge and affliction of abortion especially to nations that have chosen to uphold the inherent right to life of their unborn.

The same nations who are reducing their humanitarian aid projects in Africa due to the economic restraints are nevertheless able to provide unlimited funds (or so it seems) to provide "safe" abortion in Africa because they consider it of utmost importance.

An example of this can be seen on page 22 of the SAAF 2008 report that the UKAID (also known as DFID) increased their donation for Africa and as they put it in their report "considering the need in this part of the world , this extra specific funding is proving to be invaluable".
So where the African girl cannot get an education it is considered, by SAAF and all their donors, as invaluable for her to be able to get her abortion.
Tragic, but true.
This has been going on since 2006 and is still ongoing as their 2013 call for funding applications have just been closed barely 4 weeks ago and yet no objections have been raised to this grossly inappropriate use of power and government funds.
But this deserves a strong objection from the African people as well as the tax-paying citizens of the donor-nations , because in a world that has seen so much violence and war these so called "peace-mediating" nations are turning around to fund the radical, promotion of abortion in nations where abortion is seen as direct violence against the most vulnerable .

In supporting and funding SAAF, these nations exhibit their imperialistic disregard for the African worldview and way of life as they are going all out to extend, and impose their own views and values on life in the womb (which they see and treat as disposable) .

I suppose the questions to ask these "generous" nations as they all enthusiastically get in line to openly fund abortion in the largely pro-life developing world ,would be - where is the multi-donor funding mechanism put in place to help orphaned babies in Africa? Where is the multi-million dollar project to provide a healthy alternative for African girls in crisis pregnancy ?
Where are your generous humanitarian efforts that are compatible and consistent with  the African (pro-life, pro-woman, pro-motherhood) world view ?

Africa wants life for all African babies , Africa celebrates womanhood and motherhood and so we ask , no - we beg, that the good governments of the UK, Norway, Denmark ,Sweden, Switzerland and Netherlands would refrain from supporting and sustaining projects that are diametrically opposed to our values and instead channel their donation funds and efforts into promoting life and  health for all Africans (born and unborn) .