Friday, February 6, 2015

One sided media comment on fatal fetal abnormality

The pro abortion forces in Ireland not content with the fact that Ireland has introduced abortion in certain circumstances have moved to demanding that abortion be made available in the case of fetal abnormality. Needless to say their ultimate goal is abortion on demand.
Pro-abortion TD Deputy Clare Daly recently tabled her latest draft bill demanding the availability of abortion in cases of fatal fetal abnormality. Daly’s bill is due for second stage debate on Friday February 6th.

Daly argues the bill on compassionate grounds but everyone knows she supports abortion on demand up to birth and will do everything possible to further her deadly agenda. Daly’s approach ignores the hundreds of women who decide to give life a chance and allow their babies to live as long as they possibly can.  It is also very hurtful to such women when Daly and her colleagues describe their babies as ‘non-viable’ and ‘incompatible with life’.

Neither can there be any doubt that the liberal media is anti-life and anti-family judging by the almost blanket acceptance of this new and discraceful pro-abortion campaign which is using the grief of unfortunate women who having been diagnosed as carrying so called ‘non viable’ babies were encouraged to terminate them, whilst at the same time ignoring grief and the beautiful witness of those women in the same situation who lovingly opted to give their babies the opportunity of living as long as they possibly could.
There has been little if any reportage on the need for peri-natal hospice care in these circumstances. Parents of babies with life-limiting conditions are surely entitled to hear about the positive benefits of such care. So much for media balance!