Monday, July 14, 2008

Abortion and Northern Ireland

Gordon Brown has allegedly stopped Labour MP Emily Thornberry from attempting to extend the UK’s Abortion Act to Northern Ireland. The people of Northern Ireland have made it repeatedly clear to Westminster that they do not support a change in the law on abortion and resent the repeated attempts of some MPs to impose abortion on Northern Ireland.

The news article in The Daily Telegraph reported fears that Harriet Harman, Emily Thornberry and other MPs intend to campaign on this issue over the summer. It might be worth reminding democratically elected MPs of the comments made by the late Mo Mowlam on abortion. When complaining about opposition to abortion in Northern Ireland, she conceded: “It’s called democracy.” This point is well taken, however I have a major concern about this. The right to life is antecedent to, and superior to, all positive law. Politicians deal in compromise but when the issue is the taking of human life there can be no compromise.