Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Billion Dollar Business

The current global economic downturn does not appear to have affected PPFA Planned Parenthood of America (which is part of IPPF the largest abortion provider in the world).

The November 1, 2009 issue of The Non Profit Times ranked the top 100 non-profits (Charities) as per their 2008 income. PPFA is Number 16 out of almost 1.2 million non profits with an income of over 1 Billion dollars in 2008 ($1,023,300,000) – This is perhaps the first year it crossed the billion dollar threshold.

So where did all their money come from? There are four basic sources of income:

Program services amounted to $374,700,000 or 36.6%, Government support amounted to $349,600,000 or 34.2%, Public support amounted to $241,200,000 or 23.6%, Investment income amounted to $37, 800,000, 3.7% and other $20,000,000, 1.9%

The program services refer to the revenue received for whatever “services” such as abortion, the organization may have provided to its clients. It is particularly worth noting – given the current debate over abortion coverage in Congress’s health care proposals – that PPFA received $350 million from the US government in 2008 alone! Nearly one-fourth of revenues came from contributions from individuals and corporations. Also noteworthy is the nearly $38 million earned on investments in a year when the funds of most charities, pensions, individuals, and others scored significant losses.

So how was the money spent and how much? For 2008, PPFA spent a total of $949,300,00, as follows:

Program services $787,800,000, 83.0%, Administration $115,400,000, 12.1% Fundraising$46,100,000, 4.9%

Despite this expenditure however, as of 2008 PPFA had total assets of over $1.2 billion dollars.

My thanks to Vincenzina Santoro Chief United Nations Representative – American Family Association of New York, for her article on Planned Parenthood of America PPFA. I both quote and extrapolate from that article and have also looked at the PPFA financial statements for 2008.