Monday, May 24, 2010

Athlone / Mullingar Advertiser Editorial welcomes Channel 4 TV advertisments promoting abortion

Following the publication of an article by the Athlone/Mullingar Advertiser welcoming the new pro-abortion TV advertisements to be shown on Channel 4 , the following letter was sent to the Advertiser Group Editor Declan Varley of the Galway advertiser.

Well done to Ray Mc Intyre who spotted the article and authored the letter below

"after reading the editorial in the Mullingar/Athlone Advertiser (part of the Galway Advertiser Group) where the promotion of abortion via TV advertisements on Channel 4 in the UK was lauded and applauded as a ''huge step forward for women's rights'' I would ask you to clarify if it is now the Advertiser Group editorial policy to promote the practice of abortion and the TV advertising of abortion as a commercial and profit making service?

As an educated man you must surely realise that abortion kills an innocent human being in the most violent fashion. Furthermore the abortion industry can no longer hide or evade the scientifically established fact that abortion leaves a woman psychologically traumatised for the rest of her life. Many international scientific studies show post-abortive women suffering many of the symptoms common to veteran soldiers suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) with its associated depression and risk of self harm. The psychological trauma of a father losing his child in an abortion is also recognised as a scientific fact.

Your Mullingar editor mourned the fact that abortion is a taboo subject and welcomed the TV advertising initiative in the UK which would help to bring the subject of abortion out into the open.

One cannot deny that there is a good reason why abortion is a taboo subject. No matter what word games you play or semantic nuances you employ to de-humanise the baby in the womb and to sanitise the procedure; the grim reality of abortion is that an innocent human being is destroyed in the most inhumane and gruesome manner imaginable.
I will spare you the details and the routine practices involved in a typical 2nd or 3rd trimester abortion. However the abortion technician who after each and every act of aborting a tiny innocent life has to re-assemble the tiny disparate body parts of the dead baby on a cold stainless steel tray is in no doubt about the incredible violence involved in aborting a baby in the womb. Many of these technicians have renounced their careers in this industry, so sickened are they by the gruesome reality of killing a baby.

Indeed it is a fact that in the UK there are less and less medical Doctors willing to perform abortions such is the obvious injustice and violence involved. This increasing distaste that the UK medical community has for involvement in performing and recommending abortion is partly the reason why the abortion industry is seeking to promote itself and ''mainstream'' its activities via a TV ad campaign.
This is all part of a subtle propaganda campaign to normalise the inherently gory reality and to de-sensitise the general public so that people will gradually accept abortion as just another routine operation, just another personal lifestyle choice. Is your paper now an active part of this campaign? This is a serious question that you will have to answer now that your Mullingar editor has nailed her colours to the mast.

The abortion industry in the UK is a huge industrial concern which has since 1967 faciliated the killing of 7 million babies.It is also a fact that this industry is run on a commercial basis with many national and multinational companies with an economic vested interest in supplying equipment and stimulating ''demand'' . In other words the industry sustains itself by performing more and more abortions. It is in the commercial interest of the UK abortion industry to hide the gruesome facts from the public and for more and more women to make this unfortunate, irreversible and lethal decision. Today in the UK up to one third of babies in the womb are aborted and are denied the very human right that is fundamental to all other human rights, the Right to Life.

It is indeed ironic that your Mullingar editor is promoting abortion as a human right while denying the right to life of the baby in the womb.
In her view the female baby in the womb has the right to an abortion but has absolutely no right to life.
Let me state this incredible position again because it is truly shocking;
In the view of your Mullingar editor the female baby in the womb has the right to an abortion but has absolutely no right to life.

That is the twisted logic of the multi million Pound Sterling abortion industry which employs sophisticated propaganda masquerading as a TV ad campaign which your paper now unfortunately appears to support.
This is bizarre logic indeed and it is in fact a case of a blind ideology triumphing over reason and logic. This year almost 5000 Irish babies in the womb will never be allowed to see the light of day. Our abortion rate is still only approximately 1 in 15 versus the UK's 1 in 3 babies in the womb. All parties agree that abortion is a gruesome affair. Why then is your Mullingar editor applauding a UK initiative which will promote the abortion of more and more innocent babies both in the UK and in Ireland? Why isn't your editor promoting the Irish example of much lower abortion rates versus the UK? Even some of the most ideological pro-abortion voices will admit that there are far too many babies aborted, why then is your editor now promoting a campaign which can only result in more and more babies never seeing the light of day?

In demonstrating her blatant zeal for the promotion of commercial abortion services on TV, your Mullingar editor makes another incredible and illogical statement. She claims that now because the '' Church '' is now at such low ebb that ''priests'' can no longer tell us what to do in the case of abortion. She continues to claim that now that the ''Church '' is mired in child abuse claims it is time to promote abortion as a ''human right'' (sic) .

In my own case I never needed to listen to any ''priest'' or the '' Church '' to know that abortion and the intentional killing of an innocent human being is wrong. How can the terrible wrong of child abuse be promoted as an excuse to support the abortion of innocent babies?

Many of the Child Abuse support groups have loudly denounced any attempts to piggy back the promotion of abortion on the legitimate public rage against the terrible sexual abuse of children. Indeed I ask you, how can your paper publish an editorial which would rightly condemn the abuse of a week old baby while at the same time support and promote the dismembering by lethal suction or cruel dissection of a baby in the womb who may be only 2 weeks younger than the first one.

I do not need any '' priest '' or ''Church '' to tell me that something as violent and inhumane as abortion is simply wrong. I do not need any ''priest or Church '' to see the exploitation of vulnerable women for commercial purposes that advertising abortion on TV facilitates.

The promotion of the Right to Life of the innocent baby in the womb and the empowerment and education of young women to understand the true gruesome nature of abortion and its life long psychological effects is The most noble human rights movement of our generation.

Your newspaper group has the choice to make whether it will join the this most noble grassroots cause since the abolition of human bondage and Slavery or side with the propaganda, deception and commercial interests of the giant UK abortion industry and its handful of ideologically driven Irish fellow travellers.

I would ask you to clarify whether this editorial in your Mullingar/Athlone edition is supported by the Galway Advertiser group? I would also ask you to clarify whether the future editorial direction of the Galway Advertiser Group is to promote and support abortion and the killing of more and more innocent Irish babies in the womb by UK based commercial interests?"

I would encourage readers to contact the Advertiser group and have included some contact numbers below.

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