Monday, May 10, 2010

Who or what are the Trilaterals

Who, or what, are the Trilaterals? We don’t know, really, for the simple reason that this group is a somewhat secretive one. The Trilateral Commission was formed, it is thought, sometime in the early 1970s. It is a body dedicated to One World Government, and its first objective is to merge the economic structures of Europe, North America and Japan. (That last sentence is taken from an article written in 1992, but its significance is still obvious today – nearly twenty years later.) The Trilateral Commission was established by the multi-millionaire Chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation, the Chase-Manhattan Bank and the Council for Foreign Relations in the USA, one David Rockefeller.

Irish names associated with membership of the Trilaterals include Mary Robinson (former President of Ireland), Garret Fitzgerald, Ken Whitaker (former Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland), Richard Conroy (Conroy Petroleum), Barry Desmond (Labour Party), etc.

The Bilderbergers is another, similar, ‘private’ body. It is linked to the Trilaterals, and the members of both groups can intermingle. Peter Sutherland is further Irish name linked to these groups.

It is very difficult to obtain reliable information on either of the groups, or on what actual decisions are made by members at their meetings. The worrying thing, therefore, is that a meeting of the Trilaterals – consisting of high-ranking world leaders in banking, business, politics, etc. – took place in Dublin over the weekend of 8/9 May 2010. What was the purpose of their meeting here? What did they discuss? How will their discussions and decisions affect Irish people and life in Ireland?

It will be interesting to see if there is any media coverage of the event – even the fact that the meeting took place. As I said, the Trilaterals are a secretive bunch.